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In Which a Disguise has Failed

General | Posted by Derek
Mar 16 2011

I don’t think I’m good at writing steampunk-style titles. None the less, Awakening Part 9 is now available.

Classes are going well so far. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes on my return to higher education.

Awakening Part 8

General | Posted by Derek
Jan 20 2011

Part 8. Tari just can’t catch a break.

I’m going to rework the index page when I can, and create a logical division in Terra Fabula. Everything before Awakening 1 will be ‘Part 1’ and Awakening 1 through wherever we wind up will comprise a ‘Part 2.’ It’ll also wind up renaming the individual bits from ‘Part x’ to ‘Chapter x.’

Haven’t quite managed to roll together an e-book format, but this way it’ll let me segment off a ‘Part 1: (something descriptive I haven’t come up with yet)’ for a first epub file, and then ‘Part 2: Awakening’ to build on for a second file. Still working on getting the formatting to export nicely.

It was -17F when I woke up this morning; this places my room at about… maybe +40F at eye level. I didn’t feel like checking the thermometer on my floor but a bottle of water was frozen solid. It was a miracle the vehicle started. It was apparently a greater miracle that I haven’t wound up stranded in the last weeks.

Had an appointment to have said brown beastie’s pushbutton 4x4 checked on today; I also had a 9am class. (But more on that in a second.) After classes I called the shop and found out two things:

1) The worm gear on the shift motor was worn out. 2) The advice given to me about “hit the transfer motor with a hammer, it should take care of it” was apparently only ever meant to be a temporary fix. (And, I might add, it worked every time except this last time.) The sensor cover was cracked, too.

So there goes $300; new tires (the back pair are balding on the inside tread. It’s no wonder I can’t back out of my driveway) are probably another 600. And last week the bushings on the radius arms were replaced - another $200. All this for what was originally a $600 vehicle.

Oh well. Gotta have it working, now that I’ve re-enrolled in college classes. Back in ‘the day’ (circa… 1998-2004?) I was a part time student, attempting to major in Computer Science. For a variety of reasons I won’t bore anyone with I wound up not finishing that degree. A month or so back I finally decided it was time to do something about that and had my transcript sent up to the local college here in Bottineau. Despite the terrible things on said transcript they enrolled me anyway.

Their programs don’t include a computer science degree; the closest they have is ‘Information Technology.’ I’ve built more computers than I care to admit, programmed in C++, Visual Basic, assembler, Perl, PHP… Unfortunately part of their requirements for a 2-year degree include an Intro to Computers class. Not everyone who comes to school routinely uses (or even wants to use) a computer, and they need to make sure everyone at least has a baseline. I understand the reasoning for it, and I could probably test out of this particular course. (Next week we’re going to open a computer and see what’s inside! Whee!) But part of this course also covers Office 2010, and I’m not as proficient in those applications as I could be.

I’m also taking a separate pair of classes (Word Processing, Spreadsheets) that are supposed to be like second-semester followups to this class. Beyond these, an Information Security class and a Desktop Publishing class (using InDesign CS5) round out the weekly schedule.

New Chapter: Terra Fabula - Awakening, Part 5

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Sep 06 2010

The continuation of Terra Fabula, Awakening, Part 5 has been posted.

As we continue on through this journey, I’m realizing that there’s a great number of things I’ve built in my head that have never made it here. Worse yet is mentally sorting what’s current, what’s from the prior revisions, and what hasn’t been seen at all (other than by my cats). My notes, honestly, are terrible.

Some of the omissions I discovered this week, as I went back and corrected small but boneheaded spelling errors through most of Terra Fabula. I’m not entirely sure how they slipped by, but I’m confident I’ve squashed most of them. I may have been designing this universe of theirs for the past 15 years, but I’m hardly what anyone would call a professional author.

With today’s installment, I’ve included what I feel is a major omission in regards to explaining a key part of the Val’Traxan culture. I think it’s been made clear that AIs are an integral part of their lives; some of what we look at in our own society as big-brotherish, they take for granted as part of a social contract. They are being watched. And for them, it works. It wouldn’t for everyone. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t for us.

I’d also like to give thanks to someone who’s helped stabilize the foundations of the universe over the last several months. I haven’t asked if he wants his online name in public for this assistance, so I won’t include it (yet). But I hope he knows I’m very grateful for the help he’s provided in finding gaping holes in the underlying framework, once I peeled back the drywall to peek behind.