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New Installment: Awakening 15

General | Posted by Derek
Nov 10 2012

Part 15 has arrived. Oh, my.

While I feel the idea of naming winter storms is somewhat peculiar, the fact remains that what The Weather Channel has deemed as “Brutus” is moving through my area. So far, I can’t say there’s much snow as a result. I heard someone say five inches worth, but I’d say maybe two at best. There’s an outstanding prediction that tomorrow we’ll get a bunch more.

The whole idea of naming the storms seems like fear mongering to me, but I have to ask - we name hurricanes, so is that also fear mongering? There’s a central authority for tropical storms and hurricanes that handles this task. There is no such authority for winter weather; the Weather Channel has acted unilaterally, as far as I know. They say it’s because a named storm is easier to talk about and the name helps raise awareness. I was aware a storm was coming; the name didn’t help my awareness.

Just seems silly. I haven’t gone looking to see if other weather outlets have adopted the naming idea or not.

New Installment: Awakening 14

General | Posted by Derek
Nov 03 2012

First we leave Toliya stuck in an airlock, and now there’s still no explanation of why the J’Ruhn leaped sideways? Don’t worry. That and more will finally be answered next week.

But that’s next week. (REALLY. NEXT WEEK. REALLY REALLY!) And beyond next week, I can’t give you promises, aside from the promise that I’m still working on this when I can.

This week is Part 14.

Awakening 11

General | Posted by Derek
Apr 12 2012

Hello. It’s been a long time. How have you been? I missed your birthday. I’m sorry. Have a belated gift.

empty gift box

Oops. I guess I gave it to someone else. I suppose you’ll just have to settle for a piece of Awakening, Part 11.

Back soon <3

New Story Post: Awakening Part 10

General | Posted by Derek
May 16 2011

Finals are done for the semester, and I’ve finally found time to put some polish on the next installment: Awakening, Part 10. I’m hoping that between now and the beginning of June I can knock out the next part, but as usual… Well, you know by now.

For my Desktop Publishing final project, among other requirements, I needed to create a ‘menu or program.’ I wound up making a wedding program for a nice couple I know. The tentative date for the wedding is sometime in 2048. I’ll get photos of the printed version, as the PDF in this case just doesn’t show off how nice the end result turned out. (Although, I admit, I made a rookie mistake on it.)

Spring has sprung here at the lake; the ice went off about a week ago and nearly carried off our dock, deck, and my propane grill. So, I went wading in 34ºF water (with rubber waders, thankfully, but it was still cold) and tied ropes to everything before it could escape too far into the lake to save. No worries—the next day, the wind shifted, and pushed the dock back to the shoreline retaining wall… and right on through it.

In the meantime, we had so much moisture stored in the snowpack that everything’s running over. There was (and in some places still is) flooding all over the state. Mother’s house in the city a few hours away decided this would be an excellent year to leak water into the basement. It’s on a hill, so it’s not from a river or anything. No broken pipes either, and no backing up from the sewer; no, Nature just decided to open a natural spring up underneath the concrete floor of the basement and it’s leeching in as fast as she can suck it out. She’s removed something on par of 500-600 gallons of water in the last week, 8 gallons at a time, using a shopvac. I wish Mr. Mike Holmes did stateside work.

The barge still isn’t on the lake, sadly; with the water content of the ground as it is, we can’t get a trailer to where it’s parked so we can load it. We’ve now had a couple of sunny days over the weekend, and I’m hopeful (but only just) that we might make some progress on Monday toward that goal.

In Which a Disguise has Failed

General | Posted by Derek
Mar 16 2011

I don’t think I’m good at writing steampunk-style titles. None the less, Awakening Part 9 is now available.

Classes are going well so far. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes on my return to higher education.