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Windows 7

General | Posted by Derek
Aug 18 2009

Everyone’s been raving about how much better Windows 7 is over Vista. I chucked vista after about a month and went back to my old OS (non-windows). So, since everyone’s insisting this thing’s so good, I gave it a shot today.

After 12 hours of fighting the installer I finally got to the desktop. That alone is going to make me drop it, because if this is the Release Candidate, I don’t want to do a repeat of today when the release is out.

Here’s what happened. I’d boot the installation media for the 64bit OS. It would load up, give me the language selection, all that jazz. As soon as it present the list of disks to install to, it’d tell me:

Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log files for more information.

Now, I’d gotten a similar error to this with a Vista install, once upon a time. After two DAYS of fighting that, I finally discovered it was because the boot volume in the BIOS was not the same as the disk I was attempting to install the OS to. This was not the case today. I went through the normal gamut of troubleshooting, going so far as to pull all other disks’ power cables; I even went and grabbed a bios update and flashed the motherboard. Nada. As to the install target, I wrote zeros to make sure all partition data was gone. Nope, sorry.

After the 11th hour (it was midnight by this time) I finally thought to try an upgrade from vista… Which meant, of course, reinstalling vista. It went in with no problem for a change. As soon as I hit the desktop I fired up the win7 install, and I’m now sitting at its desktop.

This shit is a pain in the ass. And people make fun of me for using a Mac? Go to hell.

(The sad part is Spore runs better on the windows side of this box. /cry )