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New Chapter: Terra Fabula - Awakening, Part 5

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Sep 06 2010

The continuation of Terra Fabula, Awakening, Part 5 has been posted.

As we continue on through this journey, I’m realizing that there’s a great number of things I’ve built in my head that have never made it here. Worse yet is mentally sorting what’s current, what’s from the prior revisions, and what hasn’t been seen at all (other than by my cats). My notes, honestly, are terrible.

Some of the omissions I discovered this week, as I went back and corrected small but boneheaded spelling errors through most of Terra Fabula. I’m not entirely sure how they slipped by, but I’m confident I’ve squashed most of them. I may have been designing this universe of theirs for the past 15 years, but I’m hardly what anyone would call a professional author.

With today’s installment, I’ve included what I feel is a major omission in regards to explaining a key part of the Val’Traxan culture. I think it’s been made clear that AIs are an integral part of their lives; some of what we look at in our own society as big-brotherish, they take for granted as part of a social contract. They are being watched. And for them, it works. It wouldn’t for everyone. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t for us.

I’d also like to give thanks to someone who’s helped stabilize the foundations of the universe over the last several months. I haven’t asked if he wants his online name in public for this assistance, so I won’t include it (yet). But I hope he knows I’m very grateful for the help he’s provided in finding gaping holes in the underlying framework, once I peeled back the drywall to peek behind.