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State of the Galaxy

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Feb 01 2010

So, after my last post about ST:O, I figured I’d give a quick rundown on what the galaxy looks like in 2409.

  1. Spock: MIA. The JJ Abrams movie has been integrated into the lore insofar as the moment the alternate reality appears. That is to say:

  2. Romulus is gone, Spock saved the rest of the quadrant and is generally believed to have died in the red matter singularity.

  3. Picard: Ambassador to Vulcan.

  4. Data: as mentioned before, recovered from the data dump left in the B4 android (by none other than Geordi). Captain of Enterprise E.

  5. Worf: resigned commission. Living on Qo’noS with his wife Grillka (the Klingon woman quark briefly married). Has a son by her.

  6. Ro Laren: went to prision, is now DS9 security chief.

  7. Odo: doing ambassador things for the Great Link.

  8. War: Klingons took some territory from romulan space in the hobus disaster aftermath. They also went after the Gorn and absorbed them into the empire. (see #9) The Borg are active again and attacked Vega colony but they were acting strangely unborglike. Rumor has it the dominion is rebuilding.

  9. Species 8472, proper name the Undine, apparently have metamorphic abilities that I don’t recall hearing about during the voyager episodes. They have appeared in the Alpha and Beta quadrants and are infiltrating everybody like the Founders did. Klingons attacked the gorn because it was suspected they had been taken over by an undine. Federation said “shame on you” and klingons dissolved the kittomer accords again. Fed and Klingons are at war again.

  10. I’d never really looked at a galaxy map before but apparently Sol sits right on the border between the alpha and beta quadrants. DS9, cardassia, beijor are all on the alpha side. Vulcan, andoria, Romulus, Qo’noS are all on the beta side.

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head. Oh, Naomi Wyldman is running the show on good old K7. Miral Paris shows up on a mission regarding peace talks with the Klingons. Uh… Yeah. Now I’m really blank.