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Oct 28 2009
Drobo dashboard showing available space.

I recently discovered that, despite the two dozen or so dead hard disks I have in a cardboard box, I had no actual place to store files and not have them disappear when the inevitable drive failure comes. After my recent catastrophe with DropBox (which, I must say, turned out to be not their fault) I determined a second backup device would be an excellent addition to my collection of blinking lights.

Back in “the day,” when I was still running a linux box in the corner as a web and file server, I kept my data safely on a RAID-5 array. The card and drives still work fine, but it’s a little cramped both in terms of storage (800gb) and air circulation (PATA cabling makes me weep). I wound up having to delete over 200GB of archived videos to save things that were more important at the time. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the box with the RAID booted up, mainly since it sounds like a turboprop plane taking off and uses slighly less electricity than the state of New York.

I tossed my quandary to a crack investigative team (read: Facebook friends). I could either get a new card (I was looking at the Areca 1222) compatible with my current OS/hardware combination, invest in a NAS box, get some sort of generic external RAID box connected via USB, 1394A/B, E-SATA… Or get this droll little device I’ve been hearing rave reviews about all over the place called a ‘Drobo.’

The first responder replied: “Drobo http://www.drobo.com “

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