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Text-only coming shortly

Uncategorized | Posted by Derek
Nov 09 2009

I’ve found a plugin now that’ll spit out any post in plaintext, but I need to tweak it to convert back the only markup I still use (> and < since I can’t directly paste in a post with angle brackets denoting another language is in use), as well as add links somewhere in the template.

It also needs to add a little more data to the beginning of the text: Chapter title, preferably the dates during which it takes place… I’d just use WP’s “page_order” but I’m grossly abusing that and I’m expecting my little hack with that to break the next time wordpress updates the database, anyway. It’ll change the field from my preferred bigint(20) back to whatever it was at (10 or 11).

Which means I’ll have to go update all the chapters back into their correct order. Bleh. I’m forcing the pages to sort using the entire date as such: 271506010000 This allows for two two take place on the same day, at different times of day, and still be ordered properly if their names aren’t in alphabetical order.

I suppose I could trim off the last pair of 00’s on the sort order, limit it to hours… It’d fit in the int(11) then. Bleh.