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General | Posted by Derek
May 23 2010

Steam for Mac was released here in the last couple of weeks. So, I dusted off my old PC account, logged in, and grabbed a free copy of Portal. I’d never played more than the demo because, well… I was cheap at the time. It also didn’t run well on my rig at the time.

Since then I’ve been exploring the growing number of dual-platform titles. most of which have demos which are not yet dual-platform. One of the very addicting (and insanely easy to grasp) titles has been a little cartoony aerial shooter called Altitude It’s available outside of steam as well. It’s kind of fun and there’s a free demo on their site. Give it a shot if you’re bored. I managed to lose a couple hours in this thing tonight when I sat down intending to play for half an hour and go to bed. >< If you decide to buy it, hit the link above so I get a little referral credit. Just unlocks some plane skin options in game for me, is all. $10 on the site, but for this weekend it’s $5 on steam. (Click the link first anyway, then go purchase it in steam, the bonus checks via IP address)

The system requirements are fairly lightweight:

OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Graphics: 64 MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 300 MB of free space

If you already own it, you can find me under the handle ‘bluevulpine’.

I’ve a PC to repair today (Sunday) and then while windows is reloading I hope to be able to sit down and have an hour or two to actually write.