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Random Statistic is Random

Uncategorized | Posted by Derek
Aug 28 2010

Out of curiosity, I pulled up the total combined size of all chapters posted as of today to practice some MySQL queries.

Terra Fabula: 927,649

Paradigm Shift: 386,818

Together, they’re pushing 1,314,467 bytes. Depending on if you count by 2s or by 10s, That’s 1.31MB or 1.25MiB.

219,734 of these are space characters, which (barring a minor overhead for inline formatting codes implementing a space) is also a good estimate for the total word count.

I’ve used the letter ‘e’ 122,658 times (539 occurrences of which are capital ‘E’). This is 9.3% of the total character count. As in, there’s nearly a 1 in 10 chance of a random letter pulled from the database being an ‘E’.

q, 1047 times, 32 of them as a ‘Q’. This is 0.08%.

The word ‘the’ has been uttered 16027 times. 7.2% of the total word count.