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Fiction Friday: Infection

General | Posted by Derek
Oct 23 2009

Infection, formerly known as “Contagion” (part 1), is up on this wonderful foggy Friday morning. Spoiler of the super minor change after the break. But first, a rant. (Which is safe to ignore.)

I’ve been on a domain buying spree as of late. I’ve been annoyed every time I get an extortion email “Want to buy bluevulpine.com for $50? $75? $250?” - had I wanted it, I’d have bought it when I picked up the .net version! The last squatter that contaced me I told off with some language that made a nearby sailor blush, and then ended with “I do sincerely hope that you enjoy sitting on a domain for a year that no one gives a rat’s ass about. Solid investment of your time and money, that.”

Somehow later that day it was out of the whois registry. Not sure how that works, thought they would have been locked into them for a year.

Anyway, I picked up the .com and .us. A buddy uses his .net for the blog, and the .com for (and not to belittle his effort, because I’m seriously considering the same thing up here in the hills) a ‘hobby’ business beside his regular employment. I’ve been helping folks in the area fix their computers since I moved up here. Maybe it’s time to hang out a shingle.

I also went on a browsing spree of the .US domain expiry lists. It’s amazing the absolute amount of spam-only registrations vanishing off the radar every day, having been replaced by something new that the spam filters haven’t adapted to just yet. However, in the mess, I found two novel names that may work for the aforementioned project of reviving/recreating Miavir’s index. How’s “foxytales.us” sound, along with the identically-pronounced “foxytails.us”?

Shrug. It’ll be something to keep me out of trouble.

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