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Random Fix Theatre

General | Posted by Derek
May 05 2010

Took a few minutes today to help someone with an Xampp installation. He needed to do three things:

  1. NameVirtualHosts, so that different dyndns-style hostnames would point to different virtual servers on the same box. No problem, he had NameVirtualHost working.

  2. Create a second virtualhost to deliver a directory index of a specified DocumentRoot, and

  3. Point that DocumentRoot at a network share mounted on a windows XP drive letter (B: -> \Server\Share)

Apache would explode. “DocumentRoot must be a directory” and refusal to start. After installing Xampp myself and fooling around for about 20 minutes I found that the DocumentRoot worked fine on a local drive, but not a network share on a drive letter.

So, since B:/ didn’t work, yet C:/ would let the server start, I threw //Server/Share/ at mine and it fired right up, gave the listing. Tada.


Eeexcept it wouldn’t work for him.

After another hour of back and forth on IRC and emailing the config file back and forth (DCC wouldn’t work either but I blame my clearaccess modemrouter), I’m finally ready to declare it a ‘feature’ of windows XP. He had Xampp set up on an XP box, the files to be listed on a windows 7 box, and while he could hit \Server\Share on XP’s ‘Run’ command and have it pop right up with the share, apache would not tolerate //Server/Share and declared “must be a directory” Yet, //S/S would work fine when I tried it on Xampp running on windows 7.

Until I can roll a winxp VM and test it I can’t 100% blame XP, but I’m strongly leaning that direction. I’m assuming it’s a change in implementation in how the OS presents the share path to applications requesting it. 7 properly presents it as a directory and apache is pleased, but somehow XP doesn’t and apache is not amused.

(footnote: apache requires / while windows finds \ far more delicious)