36 Ruhn, 2418; December 25, 1514. 65 days before the massacre.

Haropikuen? Your midmorning appointment has arrived.

The Master of the Artisan’s Guild nodded to herself, easing to her feet. “Send her in.”

The stepdisk at the center of the office blinked. Stepping down from the platform, a robed and hooded vixen padded across the room with a delicate smile. Joy danced in her teal eyes as the two shared a friendly embrace.

“It’s good to see you again, Shaytelli. It’s been far too long. I suppose that’s my fault, more than anything.”

“Nonsense! Please, my friend, sit. For you to make an appointment to see me…? This is an unusual event.”

“The most bizarre is yet to come.” The vixen briefly adjusted her gray silken robes, opening her hood before taking a chair. Snow white fur cascaded over her features, contrasted only by patches of coal-black on her visible extremities - ears, nose, hands, and feet. “Please do not think me jesting when I say that I need a favor.”

Shaytelli’s brow arched. “You of all people need a favor from me? Name it.”

The vixen laughed, gently scratching the side of her nose. “You agree so readily? You don’t even know what I intend to ask. Or, perhaps you do…?”

“No, my Lady… I knew to expect you, but I gained no insight into the nature of your visit. Still… For you to take the time to come to me in person, let alone arrange for an allotment of my time within which to do so? How can I even consider turning you away? Tell me. What may I do for you?”

Her visitor’s smile faded. “What will happen, has happened, and all must happen again. For this world and its people to exist in the Tapestry, this eventuality is immutable. It is the greatest curse of the Val’Traxan people… as well as their greatest blessing.” The vixen closed her eyes. “You alone know the full extent of what lies over the horizon. It has been a burden unfairly placed upon your shoulders. Were there any other way, we would have broken the Covenant to see it through. We do not desire our legacy to fall in such a manner.”

“And yet it must, should it ever rise at all. I have understood this for quite some time.” The tawny vixen sighed. “I cannot take steps to prevent planetfall… My visions have shown me the consequences of such actions. I cannot even speak of it to others, for they may take action, and it will end just as badly. I have instead discovered a method through which I intend to circumvent it.”

“Of that we are aware… And it is solely through your efforts that the Val’Traxan race may yet thrive again.” The visitor laced her fingers, gazing across the table. “We personally guarantee complete survival of the sleepers, from this moment through their reawakening.”

“… What? Why?”

“We are forced to refrain from all action on the long-prescribed date. It pains us greatly that we must stand idle and watch our children suffer. The very least we can do is to protect these few while they remain at rest.”

“They won’t have the supplies! They went into this excursion expecting that at least half would not wake up -“

“A non-issue,” the white vixen dismissed. “They will not be required to stand alone when they awaken.”

“For a pantheon that prefers the policy of ‘wait and see,’ you certainly choose peculiar times to dirty your hands.”

“We have little choice. Your grandson is dying.”

“Is that so?” Shaytelli smirked. “As he is presently quite alive and well, likely enjoying his day off with his girlfriend, I expect you are speaking of a particular occurrence outside of our temporal locale. If this is so, it is unlikely you speak of the first time, and whatever the case, it will hardly be the last. Why does it warrant your concern?”

“He briefly succeeded. You of all people know that this cannot be allowed to happen. Not yet.”

“When?” the elder vixen asked, closing her eyes.

“The messenger stated it is three hundred and forty-six years hence.”

Shaytelli sat silent for a time, arching her fingers together. Slowly, a smile tugged at her muzzle. “Interesting. How did this potential paradox get so far out of hand?”

“The fabric of the Tapestry weaves a familiar yet unique pattern in every pass through this causality loop. This crisis did not happen in the last iteration. It did not even appear in the Threads until it was about to occur, giving us little time to prepare. Even without a memory confining our actions… Our fingerprints must not be visible on the solution.” The white vixen shifted in her chair, leaning forward. “You are the only one who can help us repair this, Shaytelli. There are several things we must ask you to consider in the days ahead.”

Shaytelli listened to the request of her visitor, nodding occasionally as the framework was outlined. “It will not be simple to do what you request.”

“We have confidence in your capability to see it done. You are… creative.” The visitor stood. “I am afraid this will be the last meeting we shall enjoy in the flesh… There is precious little time left for us to finish our preparations for receiving casualties.”

“I have enjoyed our talks, most especially when they do not pertain to our individual jobs. I often wonder… Why not one of the Clerics?”

“As a rule we do not appear in this manner to them. We can’t. Their interpretation of the faith requires that we work our will in circuitous ways. You and many of the Guild Masters before you believe we have taken more direct approaches in the past as situations necessitate, enabling us to do so with a precious few.” The vixen bowed deeply. “It has been a great pleasure knowing you in life, Haropikuen Anastasi. I look forward to welcoming you into the After.”

“Safe journeys, Kshorahii.

Mist enveloped the vixen, her twin tails lingering briefly as her form vanished.

Present day.

“Hey… Wake up.”

“Hnnnf…” The kitsune rubbed her eyes, squinting at the bright light flooding the quarters. “What time…?”

“Midday. We haven’t left yet, in case you’re wondering.” T’bia knelt down beside Tari, grasping her hand. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah… A little. That was just… It was so real. Just like when I walked Jay’s memory of his stabbing.” She grimaced. “I probably stole that little gem through the feeding link, come to think of it… Has he ever mentioned his little premonition demon giving him vivid dreams?”

“Not that I’m aware of. It’s been waking urges and compulsions bordering on obsession at times.”

“Hm. It really didn’t feel like a dream.”

“Well… I wouldn’t have woken you, but there’s someone who needs to talk to you.”

“I’m really not in much of a mood to see anyone right now. If I’m going to be awake, I really should be looking for a solution.”

“This… I’m really sorry, but this isn’t optional. Get dressed. Oh, and don’t cloak yourself in your Val’Traxan shapedance. You’ve been asked for as you are.”

Frowning, Tari pulled on her black and gold uniform and moved to the door. Hesitating briefly, she scanned the room; T’bia watched her curiously as she moved back to the wall above the bed and took down Jadyn’s sheathed sword.

“Really?” T’bia asked.

“I don’t know.” Tari drew it a few inches from the scabbard, watching the blue gem sparkle from within. “I feel like I need it. I’ve got no right to take it down, but… I can’t bring myself to hang it back up.”

“Sounds like Jay’s inner demon at work, to be honest. I’m kind of surprised the ktsi didn’t get upset with you for taking it without his permission. But, I suppose, since he’s given it before… Or maybe it’s because he’s with you. Hm.”

The mefiritan shrugged, moving into the hall. Vira fell into step beside Tari as they walked, a virtual clone save for the oriental robes hanging from her shoulders. The doors to the medical bay stood open as they rounded the corner; taking two steps inside, Tari froze. Her hand instinctively moved to the hilt of the sword strapped to her back, ready to draw the blade.

“You…!” she accused.

“Whoa, calm down.” T’bia gestured sideways, pointing at the sealed-off surgical bay. “Khamai’s still in a coma.”

“Then…” Tari studied the white lizardman standing before her. Wearing an identical uniform to her own, he gazed up at her from his diminutive four feet of height, yellow-green orbs of eyes taking in her own appearance. If there was even an inkling of concern about a strange vixen threatening to lop off his head, he did a good job of not showing it.

“Good afternoon, ma’am.”

“Who are you?” she questioned.

“I call myself Anolis. The Val’Traxans once knew me as ‘Chameleon.’ Three hundred and forty-six years ago, on the fifth day of J’ae, the Month of Rebirth… An elder Val’Traxan approached me as the world fell to shambles. She ensured that I safely escaped captivity mere days after helping replace me into it. Her only true condition to my release was that on this specific date, I hand deliver a letter… to you.”

Anolis reached inside the lining of his glove, drawing out a sparkling violet crystal. Tari narrowed her eyes as the stone lay waiting in his outstretched hand. “You have got to be kidding.”

“I have been accused of a great many things, ma’am, but one of them has not been a sense of humor. I was directed to give this data storage device to the two-tailed vixen who so closely resembles the Goddess of Val’Trax. What you do with it afterward is your prerogative. My mission is merely to see that you receive it.”

Grunting quietly, Tari stepped forward and plucked the crystal from his gloved palm. Anolis observed her for several seconds, clasping his hands behind his back. “You are not what I anticipated, Miss Tarioshi. By the description I was given, I was expecting someone far more… effervescent.”

“I’ve lost my sense of ha-ha over the last two weeks, thanks in part to your son.”

He dipped his head. “I apologize for his actions. You presently command the J’Ruhn?

“For the moment. Are you intending to claim it?”

“No. It never could have truly belonged to me. The AI, Tieralyene, has been a close friend to me over the years, but she possessed her own mission. If only she could have remembered it… None the less. I think you will find you have inherited a very special ship.”

Tari turned the violet crystal over in her hand, watching the facets catch the light. “346 years, you say?”

“I understand that your method of measuring the passage of time differs from that of the Val’Traxans. However, I do not know how to convert my scale to yours.”


“It’d be about -“

“I don’t care.” Tari held up the violet stone. “Open it up.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Taking the storage unit into her hand, T’bia shut her eyes. “Several protected data files addressed to specific people… Uh… most of which I can’t figure out… There’s no names on the thing at all, just one-way-hashed genetic fingerprints. The two I actually have on file - one is addressed to Jadyn, but it’s flagged to only be accessed if he’s able to watch it. One keyed to you.”


“Doesn’t say. It appears to be a video stream. Would you like it here, or -“

“Right here’s just fine.”

T’bia shrugged. A holographic viewer appeared in the air; she jammed the crystal into the side and stepped out of the way. Seconds later, the image of an elderly yellowish vixen resolved on the surface. “Good afternoon.

“By the Spirits,” the skunk whispered. “You…?”

A pleasure to see you, too.” The tawny vixen turned slightly, her focus falling on Tarioshi. “This recording is dated the third of J’ae, 2419. In two days’ time, the population of Val’Trax will be annihilated. Many years from now, in 2765 by the Val’Traxan calendar, Anolis will wake from cryosleep when main power of the J’Ruhn is taken offline for maintenance procedures. Shortly thereafter, he will hand the data crystal onto which I am storing this message to its first intended recipient… A kitsune who presents herself to the universe under the pseudonym ‘Tarioshi Kitanaka.’

Tari growled, turning for the door. “I don’t have time for this crap, Bee. Play your pranks on someone else -“

Her feet came to a dead stop as the elderly vixen vocalized the first two syllables of her true kitsune name - a name she’d not uttered to anyone since her sensei had helped her discover it. Focusing back on the display, she found the tawny old fox grinning.

I have your complete attention, now? I am Shaytelli Anastasi, Jadyn’s paternal grandmother. Furthermore, I am also the last Haropikuen the current incarnation of the Artisans’ Guild will ever know. The recording you are viewing is a flat file. No special interaction has been programmed in. With all that said - do expect that I can in fact hear you.

“Oh, it’s one of these,” T’bia muttered. “I’ve heard rumors about her timeshifted messages. Don’t pause it unless she specifically asks us to do so, because she’ll rant and rave as soon as it’s resumed.”

Well, what do you expect? If someone shuts you off in mid-sentence, don’t you get a little testy that your train of thought was jarred?” Shaytelli shrugged. “This is no different.

“You can hear us.” Tari shook her head. “From what I consider to be nearly five centuries ago, you’re somehow listening in as we watch what’s been long since written to a storage device, and actually are recording it in your time as we go?”

“She’s a Temporal Artisan, Tari. One of the most talented the Guild ever saw.”

Not so talented as to be able to personally visit the eras I can converse with.

“This is peculiar,” Vira observed, watching from the back of the transparent viewing hologram.

That is the least of… Oh, my apologies. I suspect no one else was able to hear that particular speaker. You and Tarioshi sound identical.

Tari and Vira shared a glance. “But… Vira’s completely in my head. How -“

Not so completely as you think, not after your experience last night. The divide between your selves is deepening. Were Jadyn conscious in his own body at this moment, he would also now be able to perceive the astral projection of your spirit self… Which brings us to the entire reason for this minor violation of causality.

Shaytelli laced her fingers, resting her elbows on her desk. “I truly wish I could stand beside you in this moment and assist in the reincorporation of my grandson’s soul. As I will most likely be dead in three days’ time, an alternative must be explored. You require assistance that even your own people will be unable to render. What has been done is a combination of your own gifts, an Artisan’s elemental ability, and blood magic - which, if you’d kindly remind him, I expressly forbade him to ever use? It will take the same combination to undo the damage.

“Great, I’m one for three.”

Incorrect. The blood link still exists. As he forged it with your blood and tempered it with his own, only he can ultimately shatter it. It will merely require a fresh donation of your mingled blood for you to access the link. Everything else you need to complete the process has been at your disposal since you stepped foot on the Serin. You simply have not looked at all the possibilities around you.

“I don’t understand.”

Of course not…” Shaytelli snorted. “I had originally intended to end this message at that and leave you to figure it out. Unfortunately, I sense both you and he are short on time… A further nudge is required.” Her eyes darted to where T’bia stood. “Vel’Halio -

“If you want something more formal than Kieran’s nickname for me, ‘T’bia’ will suffice.”

As you wish. T’bia… Tarioshi requires a third anchor. Jadyn’s empty shell is the first, her own body the second. Her own strength must remain her own. Otherwise - and I mean no offense in my choice of words, Vel’Kitanaka - otherwise, his essence will be irreparably corrupted and twisted into a new form he is not prepared to deal with.

“I can’t unseal my tails, or I’ll end up turning him after all,” Tari concluded.

Yes. Your full concentration must be focused on shaping a steady stream of exterior energy through yourself to flush out his essence, placing both energy and essence all into his body. Even if you were to spend every drop of the power inherent in your blood, you will fall far too short. T’bia… She simply does not possess the reserves to make the attempt alone.

“That’s great!” T’bia exclaimed. “Let me just go grab one of the spare Artisans we keep in the fridge oh wait we’re fresh out.

A knowing smile spread over the elder vixen’s muzzle. “As this must be completed before your next stop at a convenience store for a restocking run, you must be the third anchor.

“Me?” T’bia asked. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, ma’am, but I don’t exactly have one of the major requirements to work the Art in any fashion.”

Which is?

“Uhm… An organic body, maybe? I’m just a hologram.”

As I have already said… You simply have not looked at all the possibilities around you.

Tari blinked, peering around the medical bay. “I never even considered that… Could that actually work?”

It must. You have precious few other options, and none are readily available.” Shaytelli glanced off-screen. “I apologize, but I have an unscheduled guest. Good luck, Vel’Kitanaka. Remember: Everything you need is already at hand. Anolis?

“Ma’am,” the lizard acknowledged.

Good work. There is more yet you can do, should you wish… But you have already done far more than I had a right to ask of you. I will speak to all of you again, soon.

The picture went blank. Tari tugged the crystal from the side, watching the monitor fizzle out of existence. “Bee.”


“Bring the Displacement core to full power. Precharge all regeneration controls.”


“I wasn’t looking at all the possibilities around us. Anolis… Thank you for being a courier. You may have just saved his life… And mine.”

The white lizard dipped his head. “Lopiakuen Tzeki once fought for my right to exist. It is only fair I return that gesture in kind.”

“Hopefully, he’ll be able to thank you in person by the end of the day.” Tari stalked to the blue fox’s bedside, peering at the nearby wall. “Would you please wait in the common room?”

“As you wish.”

She waited for the doors to close behind him. “Regeneration ready to go?”

“Yes, but I still don’t understand why you need it.”

“I unwittingly leeched Jay’s energy, without his permission. I’d now like to use yours, with your permission.”

T’bia squinted. “You mean… The ship itself will be the third anchor?”

“Bee… You move around the ship in an avatar that’s like us in form, both for our convenience and your own. At the end of the day, you are the Serin. This living ship is your organic body, and I won’t borrow your energy without your consent.”

“The Haropikuen said you needed an Artisan’s -” The AI suddenly spun around, gazing at the room. “My activation was done with the Art… And the talent itself is really nothing more than manipulating the energy inherent in everything around us…”

“Exactly. My gifts and Jay’s are way closer in substance than we thought. I’m just more attuned to plant life than all the other energy he can tap.”

“And the ship’s organics are plant-based, making it a perfect fit for funneling it to you.”

“I don’t know if regeneration will keep up with the amount I’ll be drawing.”

“You let me worry about that. Take all you need.”

“Thank you.” Tari’s eyes fell on Vira. “Bee… Before we do this, I need an alone moment.”

She vanished. “Holler when you’re ready.

“It will work,” Vira spoke. “Once he has been removed, the divide between us will close. You will be of one mind, again.”

“It’s been interesting having you around. I think I’ll miss you.”

“Hardly. As you said, I remind you of our mother.”

“You’re right, though. I still hold some resentment about what I am. I’ve wished I could have lived a normal life, had a normal family… Met a normal guy and had normal kids and grandkids… Lived to a normal age and died a normal, peaceful death… The problem is, if I’d been this perfectly normal human I’ve dreamt of being, I wouldn’t be standing on an alien ship billions of miles from home. I wouldn’t give this up for the world.”

“Then… Knowing what you know, right now… Would you again choose the path that led you to this very moment?”

“In a heartbeat.” Drawing the ktsi from her back, Tari grasped Jadyn’s hand, their palms pressed together. “Bee, are you ready?”

“On your mark,” she spoke, appearing at the foot of the bed. “What are you intending to do with that, now?”

“I’m going to make damn sure the blood link between us is standing wide open.” Tari drove the point of the enchanted blade through their joined hands, letting their blood flow together. Hot knives of pain flashed up her arm before going eerily numb. “It’s time, Vira. If we don’t start now -“

“Then let us begin,” the spirit spoke.

Why did you force her to do that?

I did nothing of the sort. I merely offered the suggestion that the ktsi may be helpful to have ‘on hand.’ It was her choice to interpret that message in this fashion.

Had it possessed a body at that moment, the silver light would have grunted. Instead, an annoyed undulation of energy flickered about its luminance. Fine… Why did you ‘suggest’ she do that?

The bright glow rippled in laughter. Even with my namesake’s vast energy reserve to fuel the transference, there is far too much for her to concentrate upon all alone. I would rather that we not back up the timeline again. I am hardly the expert among us, but I would think that such a thing is not particularly the ‘gentle cycle’ to the fabric of the Tapestry.

We shouldn’t interfere any more than we have. You especially have taken a strangely involved stance.

You really find it so strange, given the situation?

Maybe not… Although, I can’t entirely call it an objective stance.

My objectivity has gone straight to the Void since the day he was born.

It has for us all. You may have the deepest connection, but you don’t have the only connection. Personal feelings aside, actively helping her any further is far more than we are obliged to do. She could have handled the rest on her own without your assistance.

Be that as it may be… The Ktsi of the Light is enhancing her focus, not I.

A technicality…

The Eye of the Light shone brilliant white, thick cords of energy spiraling around the blade and through the ancient gemstone before passing through the two hands joined in blood. Tari no longer knew where her energy stopped and the Serin’s began - and she no longer cared. What had originally taken less than a minute’s time to steal had finally been replaced after six hours of concentrated effort.

“Idle the core down,” she whispered, watching the strands of energy connecting her to the ship fizzle away. “We’re done. How are you doing?”

“Going to have to leave regeneration online at the normal rate for a while… It was hard keeping up with you. No permanent damage. Just a great deal of component stress.” T’bia poked the blue fox’s foot, frowning when nothing happened. “So… What’s the verdict?”

“Let’s find out.” Tari grunted, tugging the sword out of their joined hands. Rivulets of crimson dripped down the blade, spattering on the carpet. “I haven’t felt any pain from this thing since the moment I pierced us both. Even just now there wasn’t anything but a little friction. I’m afraid to look.”

“Allow me.” T’bia gently separated their palms, dried blood briefly adhering them together. “Ooo! You want the good news or the bad news?”

“The good.”

“His regeneration rate is up slightly from where he was yesterday. By no means anywhere close to his ‘normal,’ but it’s enough above a normal person’s ‘normal’ for me to notice. I’ll still have to run a dermal regenerator over it for now to patch it closed…”

“And the bad?”

“It’s not so much ‘bad’ as ‘somewhat unexpected.’ The hole in your hand isn’t bleeding anymore. In fact, it’s closing nicely. Not as quickly as it was the other day, mind you. You’re down about as far as he is up.”

“What?” Tari peered at her palm, watching as the flesh visibly knitted itself closed. “Damn it, anyway… I know I got all of his soul back into his own body… There’s no reason this should still be happening.”

“All of it? Every single little last drop? Not even the tiniest bit left over?”

“I… I don’t think so, no. I spent the better part of that last hour making sure I hadn’t missed any.”

“Then you did it wrong. I always wind up with spare parts when I put stuff back together.” T’bia shrugged. “It could just be a residual effect. Give it a day or two, we’ll poke you again and see what happens. Besides! Most people would be enthralled to find out they were healing anywhere near his rate. Hold still, now.”

“Not this again.” Crossing her eyes, the kitsune peered up at the blinking device stuck to her head. “Didn’t we already learn that neither of them would show up?”

“Which, if they’re still around up there, is still the case.”

“Vira?” Tari called, glancing about. “… No, I think she’s gone. Jay really was the catalyst that gave her any semblance of life.”

“Too bad. I was just getting used to you talking to your invisible friend.” T’bia plucked the sensor off Tari’s forehead, placing it on Jadyn’s. “He, on the other hand… appears to be asleep.”

“Differently than before?”

“He was basically flatlined before. Looks like a normal sleep rhythm now. Simple enough to test.” T’bia raised her hand, winding up to slap him awake.

“Wait!” Grimacing, Tari gently pressed the AI’s arm down. “Let him rest. No sense in waking him until he’s ready. I’m exhausted, too.”

“You sure? Be a good way to check if he’ll actually wake up. The beauty is, he can go right back to sleep if he so chooses.”

“We’ve really got to work on your bedside manner one of these days.”

One eye cracked open, scanning the room. The lighting was subdued, blue-green in hue; the ambient backlighting. A cart of test equipment stood nearby, sorted far neater than usual. The bed was the most uncomfortable thing he’d ever had the displeasure to sleep on.


Jadyn shifted, sensing a weight beside him. Tari was sound asleep, cuddled into the crook of his arm. A pair of biobeds had been pushed together, providing enough room for the two of them. A gentle murmur of protest left her throat as he extricated himself and eased to his feet, but she did not wake up.

“Aerin,” he whispered, squinting through the dull throb in his skull. “Non vocal reply. Show me on any available display - status report?”

One of the medical monitors lit up. Shipwide regeneration in progress. Primary systems on standby. Secondary systems on standby. Life support at minimal safe levels. System restoration in five hours. AI core offline. AI Control interface linked to mobile emitter, library access and communications bridging enabled.

“Okay, so she’s running remote… Bee? Text replies, please.”

Aha! came the response in bright green. Good morning, sleepyhead. I wasn’t expecting you to rejoin the living world for another day. How are you feeling?

“My head’s absolutely killing me. What happened?”

What’s the last thing you remember?

Jadyn grimaced, peering back at the snoozing kitsune. “Waking up beside someone who I thought was a hostage. Not that I’m complaining - saves me a bit of work.”

Before that, smartypants. You recall the vial of blood exploding in your hand?

“Vaguely. There’s a few freaky images after that, too… Have I ever struck Tari, that you know of?”

Outside of contexts that I’m technically supposed to filter off and never ever remember? No. One second, I’m almost there.

The medbay door opened; T’bia padded in, an old Galactic Fleet style maintenance uniform covering her body. Jadyn blinked, looking back at Tari; she too was wearing a GF uniform, though hers for some unfathomable reason was decorated in command colors.

“What the Void did I miss?” he whispered.

“I’m not going to tell you.”

“Bee -“

“Tari has been through far more than she deserves to deal with just to save your sorry excuse of a hide… I’m not going to even remotely chance stealing her thunder. She’ll tell you in her own sweet time. Now. As your authorized medical practitioner, I’m informing you that you are confined to this room until further notice, and if you try to leave I will beam you out into orbit around Veloria. Clear?”

Jadyn frowned. “Threats, now?”

“I have four crews waiting on me to finish what I was doing before you woke up, and I can’t be in both places at once so I can babysit you. You’ll find out all about everything soon enough. Oh, that reminds me. Give me your hand.”

Raising an eyebrow, he placed his hand in hers. Before he knew what happened, a flash of steel glinted in the light and hot pain shot through his palm. In the same instant, the knife disappeared and her now-free hand firmly held his mouth shut, preventing a surprised yelp of pain from leaking out.

“What in the name of the Eight has gotten into you?” he hissed, yanking away from her. T’bia snorted, snatching his hand back, and refused to let him go. “Bee -“

“Jay. Look at the cut. Look at it, and think for two whole seconds.”

“You just don’t… give… up?” Staring at his palm, he gently tugged free of T’bia’s grip and watched in confusion as the purely superficial laceration continued to bleed. She pressed a rag into his free hand and walked to the door.

“Keep pressure on that for a little while. The dermal regenerator’s right there on the cart. I assume you still know how to use it?”

Jadyn slowly nodded.

“Good. I’ll check on you as soon as systems come back online. Page me if there’s an emergency. Otherwise, rest up. You’re going to need it.”

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