Kind Words

T.H. :

Greetings! I found your story via a link from Miavir… (I LOVE that site :-)


If it were longer I’d tell you to publish in a paperback. Certainly one of the better SF stories I’ve read overall. Any chance of a continuation or sequel?

I think I’ve passed the length requirement now! I just have to create an ending for book 1 ;)


nice stories. I haven’t checked in a while and I noticed you’re adding on to EISB. Last time I checked, you only had 12 chapters. Its nice to have a lot more to read up on. Keep up the good work. Its hard to find good meaningful fiction on the net. I know how hard it is to write stories that people actually want to read. I have given up on being an author but I want you to know your stories are great. Lots of depth and full of nuances. Yeah! another storyline! I can’t wait to read Paradigm, pardiagm, … paradyme {no that’s not right, gotta work a “g” in there somehow} … uh…. yeah… I can’t wait to read “PS.” Oh yeah, where is Creationism? Its kind of… er… gone…. I was hoping for some additions on it like on EISB. Oh well, I guess its hard to run a server on three computers as it is. Well Sayonara!


I like the new look on the website - really classy. I think my favourite was the Blue Screen of Death that popped up for a 404 error. Very cute. Looking forward to being able to read the old stories - or even new ones, should that fortuitous event come to pass. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and all that.


Hey Dude.. very well done story.. just a question: what were you smoking when you wrote that?? ;) great story.. Keep up the good work.


I found your website and I really enjoy your stories. I hope you post some more!!!! please tell me if you put any more up!


Ah, one of the nicer of the current crop of multiparters :-) Keep writing :-)


Please keep the story parts coming, I am eagerly awaiting more of Paradigm Shift and the redone EISB. I agree with you that the revamped EISB is better altho there are very few places I can point to and say that there is where you made the change.


Hi, I love reading online books (mostly scifi, preferably lengthy series), but most of my favorite authors have these annoying things called “Jobs,” or “School,” or something that keeps them away from writing. So, in case I have spare cash, I keep a little list of authors I’d like to help out. Hopefully, I’ll have a tax return for 2001 that’s as big as 2000’s, so I can send you something to help with your internet bill, or something. In any case, thanks for contributing your imagination, and time…. and for posting your stories online. I wonder how many other wonderful authors simply never got noticed? I’ll send you the link if I ever get around to making my list (and links) available online. Thanks for showing the results of your effort.


I caught a link from Maiver’s index to your story… I must say I absolutely LOVED it! All of it thats there! Although usually I’m the little quiet one that never comments, I just can’t help but saying that your work is great, and that I await with baited breath for the next part. The characters were very well done and explained in the story, and the first person views incredible! Am I sounding like a fanboy type yet? o.o; As I said. Great story, awesome stuff, and great site. Just wanted to give a little feedback after I read through the entire posted saga.

Thank you all for your support over the years! I appreciate the feedback more than I can possibly relate.

7 Responses

  1. typhoon says:

    Nice to see people thanking you because that doesn’t happen often enough.

    And while I”m at it I’d like to add my thanks as well, I really like reading your stories :)

  2. Derek says:

    I forgot one!

    Random english teacher from high school, scribbled on the top of a homework assignment:

    Do not understand the nature of these characters - see me after class

  3. typhoon says:

    Hey that’s OK, they don’t understand their own nature either.

    English teachers. Hmmm, went trough a few. I frequently managed to get anything connected to creative writing marked down one or two grades because of bad spehlink.

  4. Tsunari says:

    thats bizarre i can only see this entry on the comments feed. I think its awesome we are getting new stuff compared to massive rewrites of the old one. How many people still come here occasionally?

  5. Derek says:

    It’s attached to the Chronicles section, and not on the front page of the site. As to numbers… I’m not sure. I’ve just (this week) attached a google analytics account. I’ll give it a while before I try to figure it out.

  6. AmigaDragon says:

    Typhoon, high school or college? Up through high school I don’t remember ever having any kind of creative writing assignments, just book reports and other topical reports.

  7. Typhoon says:

    Err… Different system, I’m not a native English speaker.English lessons started in 5th grade, I was mostly referring to about 8th to 10th year.