Terra Fabula

Writing is not something to be ashamed of…. just do it in private, and wash your hands afterwards. — Lazarus Long

Invent your own mythology or be slave to another man’s. — William Blake

These works may contain themes not suitable for younger readers.

There’s nothing explicit here (this means: there’s no porn), as readers have asked that I refrain from going that direction. However, there are sexual issues discussed in varying levels of detail. It’s a diverse society we live in and, somewhere, someone might take offense to something. And to that person, I say… You’ve been warned.

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If you’re completely new to the Terra Fabula story, I recommend you start with Blizzard.

Terra Fabula

The chapters collected here recount the travels of a Val’Traxan (a humanoid foxen-alien) as he attempts to live out his life in a universe that won’t let him die in peace. In a former life, this work was entitled Earth Isn’t So Bad.

Paradigm Shift (on hiatus)

Terra Fabula continues half a century later. Humans have a well-established colony on the Moon, and a small team has resided on Mars for several years. Tarioshi has befriended a young college student in order to help him out of a rut of depression, and things are not going as she’d planned. Elsewhere, the recently rechartered Commonwealth of United Worlds has voted to begin contact procedures with the little blue planet.

This project is on hold until more of Terra Fabula is published. Spoilers, you know.

The Burn Pile

Tangents, Not-Canon, and/or Under-Construction pieces. This also includes works written by others.

Happy Thoughts

Nice things people say on the Internet. I didn’t know people still said nice things on the Internet! Color me surprised…