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Golfing accident

General | Posted by Derek
Jul 26 2015

So, this happened. 


I’m not a pro at reading x-rays but they tell me I fractured my radius. I’m not exactly sure where to see it in the image, but I assume the arrow is a hint. This is not sarcasm; I literally don’t know how to read what I’m looking at here. What I do know is that my left wrist is very sore and swollen, and that I will never try to get on a moving golf cart again.

In any case… I’m no longer certain I’ll make a full chapter for this month, but I’m going to try and at least get something up this week. Not yet entirely sure what. I have an appointment on Tuesday to see an orthopedic specialist/surgeon (not sure which he is) and that I’ll have a better idea after that of what I’m looking at for recovery. Still in a wrist brace and sling for now.

The Long Road

General | Posted by Derek
Jun 21 2015

Two and a half years. Wow. I never intended to let things sit for so long, but the time really got away from me. I’ve also tried to put this together not less than three times, and then realized that if I wanted it to not get eaten by wordpress while writing it, to not write the draft in wordpress. :)

After vanishing off the face of the earth following my prior posting, where I shared the success of graduating mid-class-year with my associates degrees, I continued on to a 4-year campus. A newly signed collaborative agreement between the new college and the old meant I could spend the last part of the school year at the 2-year school, which would polish off the requirements for my ‘junior’ year; I only needed to be on the new campus for my senior year. I saved some funding doing this, which is good since my primary income at the time was part-time seasonal work. I continued working at the local ski park as a trail groomer for that winter, and then when classes released in May I bounced out to work what I suspected might be a third and final season at a Boy Scouts of America camp in north-central Minnesota. As per the norm, the season out there was hectic but enjoyable, but left little time to sit down and do much else.

Upon finishing the camping season I went home to the Turtle Mountains, unloaded the car, then promptly reloaded it with what I needed to stay in campus housing. I left the next morning to move into the dorm with a bunch of freshmen. I wanted a single room and the suite-style dorms seemed like a good choice, but the only single-occupancy rooms in the suites are in what’s traditionally the freshmen/sophomore building. Wasn’t sure what to expect.

It turned out pretty awesome. The other two rooms in the suite were occupied by freshmen, but they were totally easy to get along with and weren’t excessively loud or anything. Sadly, the senior level class load meant that both my socializing and other recreational time was far more limited than their own. I poked at creative thoughts through this entire span but never managed to put together anything I was happy with before having to pick up yet another actually-degree-related project. The winter break went quickly and was a week truncated since I’d been recruited to assist with administering a COMP-TIA A+ exam. The spring semester wasn’t any lighter than fall, but how quickly May 2014 arrived…


Achievement Unlocked: bachelor’s degree earned.

I proceeded to stay on campus for two more weeks to complete an SAP Certified Associate course and certification. The course essentially crammed two full semester length classes into two weeks. It was a whirlwind of information. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to utilize it, since my most promising job prospect wasn’t a SAP house…

Ah, the job hunt… During the ending weeks of the semester I was back and forth with a prospective employer I’d met at a job fair in April, doing a couple of phone interviews and an on-site interview. They were by far the most aggressive recruiters of any company I’d spoken with. In early May I was extended an offer. After returning the required paperwork and completing other pre-hire screenings, I heard nothing for the remainder of May and was starting to get a little concerned when no one in HR got back in touch with me except once to get more paperwork during the middle of the SAP course. At the end of the month, as I sat in my overflowing car waiting for a campus rep to check me out of the dorm room, the scout camp’s director sent me a text: “coming out to visit this weekend?”

I hadn’t exactly been planning on it, but I still didn’t have a clue what was going on with my employer; I didn’t have a place to stay in the town I’d be working in nor a starting date. So, on an impulse and a prayer I drove to camp and had a chat with the director over dinner and drinks that evening. We came to the understanding that I’d stay and help as long as I could until I heard back from the employer, at which point we’d re-evaluate what was going on and if I suddenly had to leave immediately for the big-boy job, I would.

After a week and a half helping setting up the camp store and assisting in other areas, I finally got in touch with someone in HR who said they’d be happy to have me start at the beginning of August. That gave me the season to work at camp, as well as two months to find housing.

In August, I still hadn’t found a place to live. The day before I started as an Applications Software Engineer in northwestern Minnesota, I moved into a basement room of the camp’s director and his family - but, as a result, I was commuting just over 50 miles (80 km) each way, every workday, and losing two hours. In November I finally moved into an apartment close to work and was able to stop the major commuting, but I’ve spent most of my time settling into the new area and trying to create some semblance of a social atmosphere with my coworkers and newfound friends, as well as learning the systems at work and dealing with a variety of software projects.

This brings us to today. As I look back at what’s brought me to where I am, there’s one thing I realize: nothing above is an acceptable excuse to me for not finding the time to write at all. Yes, I’ve been busy, and yes, I probably had times where I did something to relax other than work on my storyline, but I need to change that going forward.

As a result I have a goal I want to start as of July: I want to get out one chapter a month. A side goal to this is to put something here in the blog portion more often than that - maybe some thoughts about what I’m doing at work (sans specifics because NDA) or perhaps other things that come up that I’d like to share. Just… something, to prove I still exist.

Somehow, I’m going to make this happen. I’m not sure how just yet, but I’m going to find a way.

To anyone still left: Thanks for hanging in there. To anyone just finding me for the first time: Welcome, and enjoy.

I’ll be back soon.


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May 30 2015

Wow, thanks WordPress. I had a long post typed up and you ate the whole thing. Jerk. Now I have to start over.

Achievement Unlocked

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Dec 31 2012


New Installment: Awakening 15

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Nov 10 2012

Part 15 has arrived. Oh, my.

While I feel the idea of naming winter storms is somewhat peculiar, the fact remains that what The Weather Channel has deemed as “Brutus” is moving through my area. So far, I can’t say there’s much snow as a result. I heard someone say five inches worth, but I’d say maybe two at best. There’s an outstanding prediction that tomorrow we’ll get a bunch more.

The whole idea of naming the storms seems like fear mongering to me, but I have to ask - we name hurricanes, so is that also fear mongering? There’s a central authority for tropical storms and hurricanes that handles this task. There is no such authority for winter weather; the Weather Channel has acted unilaterally, as far as I know. They say it’s because a named storm is easier to talk about and the name helps raise awareness. I was aware a storm was coming; the name didn’t help my awareness.

Just seems silly. I haven’t gone looking to see if other weather outlets have adopted the naming idea or not.