Who am I? I’m a lumberjack! And I’m okay.

Once upon a time I was a cubical phone jockey. Six years spent helping people with their PC or their internet connection, and occasionally with a website they used to access credit card data. After that I spent two years doing web and database programming and maintenance; I enjoyed the challenge, having to actually think and design instead of following a canned script.

After a series of unfortunate events, I’ve moved into general laboring: landscaping, construction, deconstruction, salvaging, firewood processing and firewood bundling. I’ve some college education (in Computer Science) and I love to cook (and would like to become better at doing so). I played the Cello for ten years in the education system and enjoyed it, but haven’t really had it out in the years since and am terribly rusty. I really want to get back into it.

While my focus in school leaned toward computing, I’ve enjoyed writing since I was fifteen years old. I dobut it’s something that I’d see income from, so for now my ‘bad habit’ is shared with the world on my dime. Many, many of my dimes.