Posted by Derek
Aug 31 2015

So, next week presuming all goes well the cast should be coming off. Not sure what the next step is, if there’ll be physical therapy or anything. In any case, I’ll have more info next week.

I’ve found I can type reasonably well with the cast; however after writing code during the day at work, it aches in the evening and I’ve tended to shy away from further keyboard use. Hopefully that can change soon.

P.S. Golf carts are evil

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  1. Tsunami Sesen says:

    Not sure you want to approve this post. But that’s good to hear. You have changed what I view myself as, as a furry and otherkin. In a good way, I really approve of the way Valtraxians view the clothing thing. This a nude but not pure nude, nsfw. Hope you have a da, otherwise I’d have to find another way to link it. http://conqista.deviantart.com/art/Kitsune-534279044

    The pants deliberately leave the female crotch visible and the the top covers the top part of the breasts and half the nipples.