Take Two (And call in the morning)

Posted by Derek
Aug 04 2015

Went in for first followup today; got a new cast (by the way, they put me in a cast last week and I couldn’t use the fingers on that hand as a result of it being super long). They now are encouraging me to use the fingers as much as is comfortable, which right now isn’t much but will get better. This of course is/will be a blessing for work since I don’t have to try to code with one hand when it no longer hurts to use the other; it is however extremely awkward because the cast is formed to not let my wrist move or twist, and I have to cock my whole arm at a weird angle to get a comfortable typing position. It looks like I’m trying to take flight. I need to find a different keyboard, something with more of a split form than what I’ve got now. A couple people at work have a logitech Wave and I might give that a try. In any case, five more weeks of cast.

In other more positive news, today is the official anniversary of my hire date at my workplace; I spent half the day out of the office (and in the doctor’s office), but hey, it still counts. As part of the bump for being a nice guy for the last year I’ve been promoted to a full Software Engineer position (dropping ‘Applications’ off of my job title) which is great because now my email signature takes up 13 fewer bytes (more with rich text formatting, I’m sure). I think there was also a small bump in pay, but that pales in comparison with the 13 byte savings!

The thing you all really want to hear… Isn’t here yet. :(

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  1. Tsunami Sesen says:

    Well congratulations on no longer being Apprentice. Lets see as to the keyboard, I’ve used a keyboard on my desktop that has the split in the middle angling the two sides for over a decade. It really is far more comfortable than a normal keyboard. My browser didn’t update this for me and I’ve been checking weekly, so I didn’t see your updated post until now. On the plus side only 2 weeks and 4 days until your cast is off.

    Too bad you don’t have voice recognition software so you could just lay back and kind of rough draft your story by talking it out loud. (Hey just a thought, I’ve hung in for 14 years. I really love the Valtraxian race you’ve created. Sometimes enough to want to play as one, should create a set of roleplaying rules for the race)

    Was trying to think of the story title you had for after Creationism, you had no stories for it the little blurb had said one of the immortals makes the ultimate sacrifice. Also isn’t this at least the third rewrite of “Earth Isn’t so Bad”, Yes you came up with a better title this time around.

    You and golf just seem like such an unlikely mixture. Whenever you talk about yourself I get the impression of someone who isn’t the type to golf. I’ve been following your stories since sometime in 2001.

    Good thing I’ve spidered your site a few times. Was trying to recall what the supposed set of stories (of which none were posted) after creationism was called. Came across one of the posts you add back when you ran the discussion part of the site yourself. Hehehe, guess you should be thankful things like WordPress came along.

    webfox Biggest Fuzzball Location: the corner of walk and dont walk

    Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 2:40 pm I’ve been trying to get perl and php working side by side and left the server out of sorts when I thought I’d reenabled PHP. Oops. Sorry :/

    Though I do need a bit of advice. I’ve got mod_perl and php4.3.2 both compiled with the system Mysql libs, yet I still get multiple symbol errors that kill the perl scripts as soon as I try to open a database handle. php works fine.

    All the articles I’ve found say that php wasn’t compiled with the system mysql, but it indeed has been. It almost has to be a conflict between the two, though, as if I don’t load php into the build it works.

    error logged from running a perl script:

    Code: dyld: /usr/sbin/httpd multiple definitions of symbol __dig_vec /usr/sbin/httpd definition of __dig_vec /Library/Perl/darwin/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle definition of __dig_vec

    edit: weeell… built a completely fresh version of the mysql client libs and includes, rebuilt DBD::mysql yet again, rebuilt php and apache once again… and it works. whoohoo. Smile Now maybe I can get something more interesting done in celebration Smile