Achievement Unlocked

Posted by Derek
Dec 31 2012


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  1. Typhoon says:


  2. David F says:

    Congratulations. Hopefully it serves you well - it seems quite practical.

  3. Silvox says:

    Congratulations! may your toil bring forth the fruit you seek. :)

  4. Dimensional says:

    Congratulations. Man, I remember when I got my Associates of Applied Science. 4+ years of my life for a sheet of paper. Annoying as hell, but the best day one can have when they get it. I welcome you to the club of people who all have that same degree.

  5. Derek says:

    Thanks. Slowly plugging onward through the semester… Getting sick for half of it doesn’t help, and losing an instructor to cancer 5/6 of the way through doesn’t help either. :/

  6. Typhoon says:

    So how did 2013 treat you in the end?

  7. Derek says:

    Overall, I suppose I can’t complain. I had a great but very busy spring and fall semester. Summer work was also enjoyable but very time consuming. Spent Christmas with brother and mother and came back home to run a few long days working at the ski park so I have funds to pay some bills.

    Oh, and I prevented a pending electrical fire. Whoopsie doodle.

    With that said, it really sucks being an adult. Where’d all my free time go?

  8. Dimensional says:

    Glad you prevented a fire. And glad your still taking courses. It’s better to be more edumucated. XP

  9. typhoon says:

    Why did I get a Mail from amazon offering me powerstrips just the moment I read Dereks answer?

    Removes tinfoil hat 2 days later

    Sounds like time well spent, it sure beats trailer tippin :)

  10. Wolfy says:

    Uh hey Derek sorry of you’ve already answered this question and all (can’t find it) and as this is a post I can see you reply to, are there going to be any more story updates? If yes do you have a general time planed?

  11. Derek says:

    Great question - in short, yes, but I’m just not sure how soon. I’m working through my senior year finishing my bachelor’s degree for May graduation, and in the past quite-some-time I’ve been so busy with courses and work aimed at finishing that goal with as high a GPA as possible that I haven’t had time to open an editor and write.

    It’s odd, living in the dorm where most of the freshman also stay: I find them all playing video games or watching movies and generally not doing classwork (because it was finished in 15 minutes time) when I get back from group project work at 8 pm, when I promptly sit down to do more solo project work for another two to three hours… On the bright side, I know that most of them will be in exactly my position in a couple more years.

  12. Andrew says:

    Oh god I remember that feeling. Assignments done in 15 minutes, then playing games in the Rec Center. And then senior level classes you have projects that take the entire semester to do, some in groups, along with complex assignments that take the good part of the week figuring out. It’ll be good when graduation comes in May. Yes, I graduate in May with a BAAS myself.

    Derek, I look forward to reading any new chapters you make, as well as possibly hanging out in the same online communities we may have in common in our career fields. Until then, I hope your semester goes at least as well as mine, and you find an exciting career that you’ll enjoy to the fullest.

  13. Wolfy says:

    Ah thanks and good luck :D

  14. Tsunami says:

    Hope you graduate well in a few days/weeks then.

  15. Derek says:

    Next week. :)

  16. Andrew says:

    Finals are this week though. What are you classes, Derek?

  17. Derek says:

    Finals here are next week. This semester I have Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Systems II, Organizational Behavior, Technical and Scientific Writing, Capstone Project, and Senior Portfolio. Afterwards, for two weeks following graduation I’m taking the SAP TERP10 (https://training.sap.com/shop/course/terp10-integration-of-business-processes-in-sap-erp-classroom-095-g-en/) training and certification.

  18. Andrew says:

    SAP…. Bangs my head against my desk a few times I. Hated. SAP. Fucking. Annoying.

    I hope you liked it more than I did. Over 300 hours of figuring out what to do for my BPI class, and I nearly broke my assignments 12 times. Lets just say that I had to reread each sentence of the assignments 4 times just to make sure I was doing it right. Facedesks I’m so glad I’ll be graduating too.

    You seem to be taking a lot of high level networking courses. That should be fun.

  19. typhoon says:

    I sort of figured that from the three week tweet. Good Luck on the finals.