New Installment: Awakening 15

Posted by Derek
Nov 10 2012

Part 15 has arrived. Oh, my.

While I feel the idea of naming winter storms is somewhat peculiar, the fact remains that what The Weather Channel has deemed as “Brutus” is moving through my area. So far, I can’t say there’s much snow as a result. I heard someone say five inches worth, but I’d say maybe two at best. There’s an outstanding prediction that tomorrow we’ll get a bunch more.

The whole idea of naming the storms seems like fear mongering to me, but I have to ask - we name hurricanes, so is that also fear mongering? There’s a central authority for tropical storms and hurricanes that handles this task. There is no such authority for winter weather; the Weather Channel has acted unilaterally, as far as I know. They say it’s because a named storm is easier to talk about and the name helps raise awareness. I was aware a storm was coming; the name didn’t help my awareness.

Just seems silly. I haven’t gone looking to see if other weather outlets have adopted the naming idea or not.

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  1. Typhoon says:

    It’s been two years now…