July Update

Posted by Derek
Jul 11 2011

Let me tell you a little bit about how the summer’s going so far.

This year, I took a position at a summer camp as their business manager. While I have been looking at business management/education as a potential field of interest in my return to college, I’ve so far not taken much in the line of actual business management. Even so, I was offered the position - with little idea of what exactly I’d be doing aside from a basic explanation over the phone during the interview.

We’ve just finished our fourth week of scouts in camp. I now have a far better handle on what I’m doing - the first week, I was in the office nearly every night until 2am trying to make sure I had things right. Not quite so late, now… Generally 10pm or so. Still, it’s generally a 12-14 hour day in the office. I have Wednesday night and most of Saturday off, but my mental state is depleted enough by these points that I can’t concentrate on anything in fine detail.

As such, I haven’t gotten any more writing done. At this point I expect I won’t have anything new until August.

Sorry for the delay, but thanks for sticking around.

10 Responses

  1. typhoon says:

    I take that as a sign that you’re definitely not dead. Just lost in the woods ,) Oh well August will come. Eventually.

  2. Tsunari says:

    Not computers but Business management?

  3. Tsunari says:

    Why not give us old unreleased things in burn pile for us to read sometime?

  4. Tsumari says:

    and here i was hoping you had become a lake pirate

  5. typhoon says:

    Maybe I could go and fix up some of the fanfic I’ve written - before anyone suffers from withdrawal. The forum was pretty empty anyway last time I looked.

  6. Tsunari says:

    So back to normal yet?

  7. typhoon says:

    It would seem so.

  8. Tsumari says:

    I wonder if this is a situation where we could draw on the Authors face without him knowing it if we were in the same classroom as him.

  9. typhoon says:

    Maybe we can try?

  10. Tsumari says:

    pokes with a stick