The Messageboard Returns

Posted by Derek
Sep 06 2010

Less a return and more a reboot. A return would imply the old posts are back. They aren’t.

I originally took the board down because I just couldn’t keep up with spammers. That and a couple of server moves really sealed its fate. The database is still floating around but it’s hardly in a usable state.

Someone suggested another board that might be willing to host a subforum for discussion. After speaking with one of their admins, there’s now a section devoted to Terra Fabula on the Planet Furry boards should anyone still be so inclined to discuss anything related to Terra Fabula’s universe.

Is it better than doing the same inside blog comments? Perhaps.

Is it better than this delicious plate of chicken and noodles before me? Questionable. I’ll get back to you after I lick the plate clean.

10 Responses

  1. typhoon says:

    The old one - that wouldn’t be the one I managed to sign up to before you got your own account? ;)

    Glad there is a new place to discuss, now all I have to do is move my lazy butt over there and sign up.

  2. Tsunari says:

    what happened to that little bit of not safe for work story that was in the burn pile?

  3. typhoon says:

    Yet, noticed that too. It disappeared together with the links to the individual stories and the Burn Pile appears empty if one navigates up from a story.

  4. Derek says:

    I can’t be sneaky at all, can I? Hm. At least someone’s paying attention.

    Before too awful long we’ll be up to it’s time in Terra Fabula - so I’ll be able to to work it into the main storyline.

    It’s not gone-gone, just toggled invisible. I’ll put it back for now.

    As for the direct links - those headers should have just been redirecting back to the overall Chronicles index page. At least, they were for me. Were they doing something different for you?

  5. typhoon says:

    I used the navigator on the upper right of the story page and went up (To Terra Fabula in that case). The page shows all sections including the (then empty) burn pile. Checked again from PS and it’s still the same only Birthday Blues is back there.

  6. Tsunari says:

    You Still Alive?

  7. Derek says:

    Busy season in the northern plains. In the last week alone I’ve been a carpenter, diesel engine technician, short order cook, roofer, trucker, lumberjack, barge operator, nature photographer, and electrician…

    And here and there I’ve found very little time to sit down and focus on writing. Soon, I hope.

  8. typhoon says:


    At last one of them probably was fun, hope you got a few nice shots out of #8.

  9. Tsunari says:

    Jack of all trades and master of none?

  10. typhoon says:

    Now where have I read that before?