New Chapter: Terra Fabula - Awakening, Part 5

Posted by Derek
Sep 06 2010

The continuation of Terra Fabula, Awakening, Part 5 has been posted.

As we continue on through this journey, I’m realizing that there’s a great number of things I’ve built in my head that have never made it here. Worse yet is mentally sorting what’s current, what’s from the prior revisions, and what hasn’t been seen at all (other than by my cats). My notes, honestly, are terrible.

Some of the omissions I discovered this week, as I went back and corrected small but boneheaded spelling errors through most of Terra Fabula. I’m not entirely sure how they slipped by, but I’m confident I’ve squashed most of them. I may have been designing this universe of theirs for the past 15 years, but I’m hardly what anyone would call a professional author.

With today’s installment, I’ve included what I feel is a major omission in regards to explaining a key part of the Val’Traxan culture. I think it’s been made clear that AIs are an integral part of their lives; some of what we look at in our own society as big-brotherish, they take for granted as part of a social contract. They are being watched. And for them, it works. It wouldn’t for everyone. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t for us.

I’d also like to give thanks to someone who’s helped stabilize the foundations of the universe over the last several months. I haven’t asked if he wants his online name in public for this assistance, so I won’t include it (yet). But I hope he knows I’m very grateful for the help he’s provided in finding gaping holes in the underlying framework, once I peeled back the drywall to peek behind.

12 Responses

  1. typhoon says:

    Now I’ve got to re-read TF. Haven’t found many differences yet and those I did find I’m not sure if it’s a difference in the actual writing or in how I remember it. And I”m too lazy to do a diff ;)

    I agree it probably wouldn’t work for humans. Not that there aren’t some who would like to have something like that in place (and of course promise not to abuse it). The notion of treating laziness as a mental handicap seems strange but then again they aren’t humans. But I suppose that’s an extreme - like someone refusing to do anything. And considering how we tend to treat those who refuse to earn money … well at last they feed them which probably means they can get food and a place to stay but other wares or services are closed to them. Unless they do something to earn it.

  2. Tsunari says:

    Ummm, I do have a question. What foundations were wrong with the story?

  3. Derek says:

    It’s a little hard to explain in short. It’s nothing that requires me to rewrite what’s posted - just certain assumptions I’d made about the State of the Galaxy. Some theories possessed holes large enough to park another galaxy inside.

    Other places, I’d included the first tidbits about something (example: kitsune law in regards to human interaction) but hadn’t actually invested quite enough time structuring out enough other implications (why would they make laws like that, other consequences).

    I’m sure other examples will come to me the moment I leave for work.

  4. Tsunari says:

    Ummmm, hmmmm. Now im confused even more about that. No one has a written law about how the galaxy is supposed to be, the universe can have other ideas. So i have no idea if its valid or not. I do have this to say. you have stories of fox spirits basically being succubuses, and taking energy from people by sex. So why would they be sexually repressed?

  5. Tsunari says:

    As I think about the story and will make a forum account later. I do have to say I like the original more than this but the differences arent too great. I also like the idea that the original is still valid because the iterations allow for each time through to be completely different. In any case on the mental illness to lazyness, what happens when you have your occasional person who has reasons for example they dislike or find the society immoral for whatever reason and dont want to contribute anything to it?

  6. typhoon says:

    I don’t think the Val’Traxan culture had come up in the previous incarnations - at last not that much detail. Same goes for the Kitsune, really. I’m still re-reading TF but there aren’t any big changes really - mostly details.

    As for requiring sex to leech of a mortal: Tari establishes a feeding link to Jay quite accidentally long before they get to that ;)

  7. Tsunari says:

    Well there is on bit, they used money in creationism.

  8. typhoon says:

    I assume you refer to that Baker? I remember that one but Creationism isn’t published yet in this context. I think the changes mentioned in the original posts refer to things he changed in the current stories after he published them here, not the ones from way back.

  9. Tsunari says:

    Yep. but if you notice in part 5 she says they dont use money on their world? But then that creaitonism was a “previous iterarion” i dont think they would go oh hey lets quit money in 20 years time.

  10. typhoon says:

    Oh, I did notice they don’t use currency in the current iteration - it’s placed fairly prominent after all. I guess this would apply to the next iteration of Creationism too which hasn’t been rewritten in the current incarnation at all.

    Even the last iteration of the Stories had a lot of differences to the one I read (and archived) in somewhere around 2001 …

    I believe we are talking about different changes here - ones Jadyn made before posting the current iterations of TF and PS and ones he made recently. The latter have been fairly minor as far as I’ve read so far.

  11. Tsunari says:

    Yeah, but its a way to keep all the stories being valid even the old ones. They all happened like that but history is constantly in flux and changing. One time they may use money another time they might not.

  12. typhoon says:

    Yep. That’d require some way to tag the iterations of the loop.

    We should probably take this to the Forum but the registration form insists I’m a machine.

  13. Tsunari says:

    If we have a question for you, is it better to use the forums or here on a particular story?

  14. Derek says:

    Either works fine. If I were to define a preference… I think the forum’s better for discussions.

  15. Tsunari says:

    Well 1) It was implied that people went to Valtrax for their culture. And that sometimes you had natives who were lazy. Then what if their lazy because they dislike the Valtraxian culture and would be happier in another one.

    2) Im blind to what was going on, what holes in galatic theories that you could park galaxies in? Im really clueless what you meant in that comment.

  16. Derek says:
    1. If you don’t like the city you live in, you’re absolutely free to move to another one. Same thing applies on a planetary scale. You don’t like your rock, go see what else is out there. Also, the issue of ‘laziness’ requires a little further clarification, as Tari’s still confused about it as well. She’ll probably ask Jadyn, since he’s been out and about in the time Alecha and the others haven’t been.

    2. That comment was meant in regards to the underpinnings, rules, structure, etc that I try to follow as these chapters come together. No rules that are specifically named in-story, but rather, the ‘rulebook’ that constrains what can or cannot happen. The rules have been rather loosely defined for some time based on what’s been published; they’re now coming into a more structured form so that future installments don’t directly contradict what’s come out already. (At least, not as much as they might have previously.)

    A lot of it I won’t go into a lot of detail yet, because it pertains to certain events and other issues that aren’t yet completed.

    To say it in metaphor: It may be nice to take a drive on a country road to see the scenery, but the scenery doesn’t matter if you drive off an unfinished bridge into a river and drown. :) It’s not that I’m writing tons of stuff in the other direction, as with your concern on the forum; I also have to make sure the road is stable as we go.

    Can continue this on the forum if you’d like - it’s definitely a better place for discussions, as I mentioned above.