Double Feature: Awakening 1 and 2

Posted by Derek
Mar 28 2010

Slowly but surely, Terra Fabula continues to fight its way out of my cranium. Awakening parts one and two are up.

Paradigm Shift is briefly on hold, until a bit more of TF rolls out the door. I’m assuming you don’t want to know that interesting things happen in the time between them that I’m not going to tell you just yet, and that you’d be upset if I pulled the curtain early. It’s likely everything everyone expects, anyway, but you never know.

I won’t have weekly updates for a while, like I was doing before, but I’ll get things up as I get them done. Enjoy.

12 Responses

  1. Tsunari says:

    The cliffhanger is annoying though. And you just haven’t written those bits yet.

  2. Derek says:

    Not completely true. I do have another chapter mostly done for PS. Or did you mean I hadn’t written them for TF? That’s generally correct. :/ Anyway I agree that it’s a nuisance and I apologize. Here’s hoping it’s worth the wait.

  3. hans44 says:

    Double update? And “another chapter mostly done”?

    You’re spoiling us.

  4. Tsunari says:

    Well yeah, “i just meant what happened in between we all expected both of them to just hang out for 50 years as hermits in quiet contemplation!!” sarcasm Anyways we do all want to know of her chat and explanation to everyone else. As well as why it was so important for her to go back to Earth.

  5. Tsunari says:

    Well I’m assuming what everyone else wants of course.

  6. typhoon says:

    Cliff’s been hanging around for a while now. If it hasn’t killed him by now another week or three won’t either. Besides gives me more time to think up my own continuations, you should try it, it’s fun. And I was sort of wondering what happened to the 2000 - after 50 years there should be quite a few more and since there almost HAD to artisans aboard the guild is probably present too. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was another one - or even two - on this mission who can use the energies and their presence or absence is going to grow (possibly literally) out of Awakening. And they can at last potentially pin Traize as non human. Also the matter of the ownership of the J’ruhn may have an impact on PS too.

  7. Tsunari says:

    50 years of hard work to establish a colony on a new world. I don’t think they would really be ready to go out and head to earth. I’m assuming they would go with the colony route instead of staying on Veloria. Fifty years isn’t that long a time for that, I really don’t think they would figure into major events just yet.

  8. typhoon says:

    I’m not sure about the new world. Someone went out of his way to throw the 2000 into Jadyns path. If they left for a new world why is he running around putting out carpet fires in his bookstore chain on Veloria? That’d take some explaining. I can see him going on with the stores if they establish themselves on Veloria or nearby - possibly a moon or something. Also he referred to some kids he trained to replace him now since he’s retired (again) and I think I may have caught a whiff of another Val’traxan already. Not totally sure there, I’d have to reread the complete PS so far and it’s kinda late for that. Anyway, good reasons to clear some things up on TF first.

  9. Derek says:

    I want some cake.

  10. typhoon says:

    A polite knock on the startled Derek from the book he was reading. Getting up to answer the door he wondered what happened to the doorbell. On his doorstep stood a petite oriental looking women with a cardboard box about the size of a large pizza box but much thicker then that. “Good evening Sir. My Name is Toriasha Tikanaka and I am here to deliver this to you.” she passed over the box with a polite bow. “For me? Who sent this.” “I don’t know. I just deliver.” she bowed again with a smile and left. He went over to the table and opened the box, discovering a delicious looking and conveniently sliced cake. He smiled and as he took a slice, a delicious smell came wafting towards him. Just as he took a bite of the cake he noticed a movement outside his window. A small fox disappeared out of sight just as he bit down on thin air. On the table a small piece of cardboard read “The cake is a lie.”

    Sorry. Best I could come up with. I’m off to eavesdrop on my mattress.

    PS: The Val’Traxan I thought I spotted in PS seems to be flying the wrong colors. He is mentioned to be a Velorian.

  11. Tsunari says:

    Well lets see, would you want to go live on Veloria as a refuge and take in all of their customs even if they are compatibleish?

  12. typhoon says:

    I’m not sure.

    But then again I haven’t been monkey on a stick for several centuries either so I’m not sure how that feels too …. I’d say we’ll find out? There are good reasons for going in both directions. All I say that decision is hardy irrelevant for PS and I’d rather read it in context in TF before it gets mentioned in PS.