Posted by Derek
Mar 12 2010

Does ‘hiatus’ have a plural? The Great and Powerful Internet Oracle indicates it is simply ‘hiatus.’ I personally like the idea of multiple ‘hiatusii’. Two ‘i’ help reinforce the idea that there is more than one hiatus at work.


So. Nothing new, yet again. Working on other projects, most involving chainsaws and making large pieces of wood (tree sized, perhaps) into smaller pieces (firewood sized, perhaps). It is hard to type with leather gloves on, and woodchips do not process information faster than silicon. Adding them to the laptop adds heat with no discernable increase in power. Very sad :(

There was a request to perhaps repost Creationism in the interim. I can’t do that yet, mainly since I haven’t looked at it to ensure it’ll fit into current continuity. I could toss the old one at The Burn Pile since, but I’m not certain just yet. I’d rather not wind up stalling Creationism because it makes calls on portions of PS or TF that don’t yet exist. This has happened already a couple of times between PS and TF, and I’d rather not do that again, as fun as recursion can be.

Snow is showing signs of melting. It’s only March. How am I supposed to have my annual snowball fight in May? I may have to fill the chest freezer.

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  1. bvf says:

    http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hiatus seems to think it’s either hiatus or hiatuses, but hiatusii is certainly less boring.

  2. typhoon says:

    Chainsaws … nobody in his right mind would give one of those to me. (And I never actually played Doom. Much.)

    I don’t know about others but I can wait. Just don’t write yourself into a knot :)

  3. Tsunari says:

    Heheh, you have had two full versions of Creationism running around I believe. Maybe a third one. I do have both of them floating around on my hard drive.

  4. Silvox says:

    I only have a parts of Creation, I rediscovered it when I was bored an perusing my hard drive. Could you possibly shoot what you have to me? I’m kinda left hanging at the part where Tapri has a flash of inspiration about the ‘inert’ virus found in all of the plague victims, and Jott sends her to bed for her own good while he runs simulations.

  5. Tsunari says:

    Ok, the revised version may have never made it that far but I do have an older version that made it all the way through. Though I do have that older version that does. I’ll send it.

  6. The Bro says:

    In addition to what typhoon commented upon, no one should trust you with a chainsaw either… thought, said tool is better suited in your hands than mine. I would just make a mess of the place.

  7. Silvox says:

    I got it! Thank you! XD

  8. typhoon says:

    Additional evidence recently discovered suggest I should not be trusted with a leaf blower either. Causes …. mess.

    Anyone got a broom?

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