Posted by Derek
Feb 13 2010

At this moment I have nothing new to share. Instead, I give you a photo of one of my kitty cats, Cocoa. In her litter, it was her, a cream-colored, two gray tabbies, and one that could nearly pass as a purebred siamese.

When I think of Casiandra, this is what I’m envisioning. With blue eyes.

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  1. Tsunari says:

    Awww, a brown kitty.

  2. typhoon says:

    After a long time of NOT checking this place I check back and there are not only updates but LOTS of them? One of them containing a picture of a really pretty cat? What happened, did I enter some alternate Universe?

    Anyway and good to see you back. Makes a note to check more often

  3. Derek says:

    I’ve tapered off a little over the last couple of weeks. It’s been busy with work, among other things, and I ran out of buffer. :)

  4. typhoon says:

    I checked in the old blog section, I’d say the last sign of life I had was more or less the blog entry about the car crash. I didn’t think it was THAT long since I checked ,)

  5. Tsunari says:

    You could always start posting creationism. I was wondering if you had fallen into a coma with the sudden stop there.

  6. typhoon says:

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  7. typhoon says:

    I’ve just finished reading Terra Fabula and I’m sure I spotted a few minor changes ,) I assume he’s going to do the same with creationism that’d mean he couldn’t just post it.

    Thanks for sharing and even if I’m way late with that: Good to see you back.

    I even found my old Val’traxan Avatar. Seeing it on a decent TFT the first time I’d say I need to lighten up a bit.

  8. Derek says:

    This got marked as spam, but it amused me, so I approved it.

  9. typhoon says:


    Sorry for that. With all those security extensions I use I have to jump trough quite a few hoops to get recaptcha to work correctly. Since I usually forget to do that BEFORE I write the comment and the comment I wrote usually gets lost during the process I have to copy the comment to the clipboard at some point. Apparently I pasted the recaptcha string at some point instead.

    I’m sure I opted to just go to bed after that one. Which I undoubtedly should have done before.

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