FF: Two Thousand

Posted by Derek
Jan 29 2010

Well… I’m reasonably happy with where TF: Two Thousand is standing. I know I’ve dropped hints about this eventuality coming to pass, both blatantly and otherwise. Makes me wonder if anyone still didn’t see it coming.

I had an opportunity to poke at the Star Trek Online beta for a couple of days before they closed down the beta server on Tuesday. While it’s not nearly as polished as Warcraft (which isn’t surprising, since it’s 5 years of development time behind) it does seem like it could be a fun distraction once in a while. I don’t know how much replay value or lasting power it’ll have.

I like the way they’ve built space combat. You have to pay attention to not only your ship’s integrity (health) but also its shields - which are divided into four sections: fore, aft, left, and right. The goal is to keep changing which shield side of your own is facing the enemy, while at the same time trying to stay focused on dropping a single face of the enemy’s shields so you can rip through their unprotected hull with a timely placed torpedo.

Mmm. Quantum torpedoes. Delicious. They’ve advanced further into the prime universe (not the alternate reality created by the last movie), approximately 20 years after Picard and the Enterprise-D. Spoilers! Spock’s missing (because he’s now in the alternate universe), Romulus is gone, the Klingons and the Federation are at war again, the Borg are back, and someone, somewhere, is having a good time on Risa without you. QQ. Also, Data’s alive and in command of the Enterprise-E. (Blame the android ‘B-4.’)

Ground combat (away missions) also makes partial use of the shield mechanic. I’m told this mode is almost a direct copy of Conan Online, but I never actually played that so I don’t know. When you’re not running missions with other players, your bridge officer NPCs can beam down with you to flush out the party slots. Unfortunately, they really like to stand there and pet their tribbles all day long.

4 Responses

  1. Darius Greywind says:

    I’m still waiting on ASCII of TF so I can reread it start to finish conveniently.

    They had to go with leaving Data ‘alive’? Geez, Brent Spiner not only critically fumbled his one chance at a heroic death, he couldn’t even make it stick? And here I thought I’d already lost all hope for Star Trek. Damn.

    Yeah, the hull integrity/shield facets are lifted from the Starfleet Command games, which lifted it from FASA’s StarFleet Battles wargame. That’s why it works.

    Fortunately, I don’t care. It’s an MMO, so I can freely hate it despite any other merits/drawbacks it might have. Video games are supposed to be anti-social, dangit!

  2. Derek says:

    Allow me to say that you are absolutely right in hating it. I can get really into the experience, but the glass wall shatters when I see things like this:

    Text plugin is done, but I’m missing some critical tags in about half the archive.

  3. Derek says:

    Hmm, didn’t let me inline the picture. This is the sadness of an MMO:


  4. Darius Greywind says:

    Yeah, seems about right. I know a guy that used to help admin a BFII server, and I’ve heard it all.

    The final legacy of AOhelL: Morons infest the internet for all time.

    The other thing is, there really isn’t anything ‘massively multiplayer’ about them. MMOs just integrate the chat/group join functions into the game world instead of having a separate interface, at least most that I’ve seen. You can’t really make permanent changes to the game world, and your group is essentially in it’s own sub-level of the game reality when it’s actually doing things.

    I’d rather just waste my free time on a MUCK if I wanna socialize. 3D graphics are a distraction, not a benefit for that activity.

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