Fiction Friday: Temporal Soup for the Soul

Posted by Derek
Jan 08 2010

On this, the first day of the second week of 2010, I continue to protest the lack of a personal jetpack on the consumer market.

TF’s been delayed for a couple of weeks now, mainly since I can’t seem to get Temporal Soup for the Soul to flow as entirely well as I’d like. I’ve been struggling to improve it but it’s just not getting any better (and, admittedly, I’ve posted far worse). So! There it is. Love it, hate it, do what you will.

I had the next portion of PS queued up and ready to go along side of Temporal Soup. Then, as happens, I saw something completely random on TV (which I have since forgotten, but I think it was an advert) and it gave me an idea which I have been exploring. Now I have to decide whether to stick with my original plan, or go with the new route.

Gaaah, choices.

2 Responses

  1. Tsunari says:

    Ideas can typically make it into the next story if you don’t use them.

  2. Derek says:

    Some freezerburn easier than others, too.

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