Fiction Friday: Fission

Posted by Derek
Dec 24 2009

For those of you celebrating it, Merry Christmas.

For those of you not… Here’s a present, anyway. TF: Fission has arrived.

Yes, I realize it’s not the expected next bit of Christmas Party. Soooooon.

I’ve really been enjoying my new camera. I picked up a Canon Digital Rebel XSi a couple of weeks ago - and while the name’s a little weird compared to what they slapped on the sticker in Europe (EOS 450D sounds more pro, in my opinion) it takes some great pictures and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I should probably pick up a couple of lenses in the coming year, if I find a bag of money on the side of the road… The kit lens that came with it (18-55mm) isn’t bad, though. I’d like a little more telephoto range, and a wide-angle macro lens would be awesome.

Most of the pictures currently on Metigoshe.US were taken with my old Kodak Z812 IS, but a few up there now are from the new camera.

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