Fiction Friday: Slumber Party

Posted by Derek
Dec 18 2009

When I began the timeline rewrite several months ago to get myself out of the pothole I was stuck in, I actually didn’t see this little jog coming. The first several timelines I drafted, Jadyn somehow snuck aboard the J’Ruhn and saved the day, or cut a deal with Khamai who died as a result, or something letting him otherwise save the day. I’d also considered him getting aboard to find a veritable jungle - Tari’s original ‘plan’ was to scatter seeds across the ship and let them infest everything, essentially choking it to death from the inside. That was what I’d basically settled on. He shows up, in time to see they don’t need saving anymore. Tari saved the day, woo. Go girl.

Then, back in August or September (I think), I was sitting on the tractor moving a pile of firewood across the yard. I was workimg over how to completely work through the jungle idea and couldn’t quite settle on a route that I liked. Tari had to be the heroine in that section, though. So what to do?

It’s like she popped up in my head and suggested: “Why not make him need saving instead?”

A kitsune’s innate spiritual vampirism seemed like a perfect way in, and that action would also give her tools she’d need to get off the J’Ruhn. It also gave me an opportunity to involve a group of people that don’t like to get involved unless they really have to.

And, today, they do. TF: Slumber Party is up. No PS today. I will however be posting a multipart PS Christmas-y tale throughout next week.

2 Responses

  1. Angus Laidlaw says:

    I just recently found that your web site was updating again. I want to thank you for the story and Tari’s escape, It has been hanging for a while, she definitly needed to do the rescuing of herself after being trapped. I expected the ship to end up having rain forest quantities of plant life in it. Also two notes about your web site. The minor one: I do not know what it is about it but my system does not like the flash banner that is at the top of your pages..

    And more troublesome: All the stories are now in alphabetical order on the chapters web page, which is not the order that they should be read in. :)

    More thanks for the story, and happily waiting for the more PS you mentioned. Angus

  2. Derek says:


    Thanks for the heads up, something went wacky when I updated wordpress. I’ll get that fixed, pronto.

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