Fiction Friday: Armada

Posted by Derek
Dec 04 2009

Another installment of the TF line, Armada is up.

We had beautiful weather all through November. Overnight lows in the 20’s (ºF, not ºC), daytime highs touching the high side of 40 and occasionally brushing 50’s. Then came December 1 and the bottom fell out. Today’s high was maybe 15º.

Oh, and there’s finally snow. Don’t get me wrong - I love snow. It’s absolutely magnificent, looking around here with a blanket of fluff on everything. It’s also a complete pain in the butt trying to work a firewood bundler designed ‘for indoor use only’ when wet woodgunk clogs up the inner workings and freezes solid. I also now must invest in some different outerwear. Jeans tend to collect snow and transform it into ice over the course of the day.

I’m grateful that the snow held off for as long as it did. I just wish we’d had one more week. One! Just one.

I’ll probably throw up a PS installment (or several, dunno!) on Saturday, just so I can get the Christmas-ish story I intended to post last year… maaaybe up on time this year.

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