Fiction Friday: Inheritance

Posted by Derek
Nov 19 2009

Inheritance. Enjoy. It’s new. You’ve never seen it before. I swear.

I’ve been making tweaks to the CSS and sidebar tonight. Individual chapters now don’t show any of the ‘login’ and other meta crap; it’s down to just the chapter flipping widget that I’d been sticking directly at the top and bottom of the chapter text. I had to get rid of the navigation at the top of the text, because adding drop caps to each page was not playing nice with it there.

I’ve also added paragraph indenting, because trying to read without it seems to wig my eyes out a little. I’m still working on implementing text-only copies, just have to beat the plugin into submission with only a few minutes a night to tinker.

As an aside, I seem to start most of my front page posts with the letter ‘I.’ Hm.

2 Responses

  1. Tsunari says:

    Seems to me that is a bit like the A new world awaiting story by you, when you have Jaydn take over Tari there.

  2. Derek says:

    Little bit. Wasn’t originally intended like that, but I see the correlation, yeah.

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