Fiction Friday: Impending Doom Syndrome

Posted by Derek
Nov 13 2009

Last week, I mentioned that there’d be one more installment of old stuff before I started posting completely new content.

The plan has changed, making me once more a filthy, dirty liar. The portion out of the ordinary: It’s a good thing for you.

Negotiation, the last thing (to the best of my knowledge) that I’ve ever publicly published in the EISB / Peregrinations / Name_Of_The_Week_Here line … Gone. On purpose, at that. If you’ve not yet read it, consider yourself lucky. If you’d still like to submit yourself to the agony you can find it if you look around. Between it and the half-done thing following it, I couldn’t get out of a hole I found myself standing in. Select Most -> Delete. Problem solved.

I threw all but two chunks away, rewrote the rest from scratch last weekend with the goal of exploring an idea I’ve been toying with for six months, and continued on with binge writing to churn out three chapters following it - and I’ve still got footing to keep moving forward upon. They require a little editing but they’ll be going up over next few weeks. I personally love how they’ve turned out. I’m probably not an objective reviewer, and I trust I’ll hear about it if I’m completely off my rocker. The downside? It’s going to take longer to wrap up Tari’s first offworld outing than I expected.

Is that a bad thing? Dunno.

Impending Doom Syndrome is ready for your literary ecstasy.

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