Fiction Friday: Echoes of the Past

Posted by Derek
Nov 06 2009

I spent most of my free time this week that I’d otherwise have used to revise or make odd posts about nothing in particular, to instead build a spreadsheet in Numbers.app for proper calendar conversion. The last time I had something that actually worked for this was a program on an old calculator that I can’t find at the moment. Doing it by hand (mostly) takes some time but is generally workable, unless I need to convert a ton of dates all at once like I’ve needed to do recently.

The new sheet’s not perfect but it’s close enough for my needs. Leapyears don’t work so good, for one. There’s also a touch of rounding error in very small date increments away from the ‘base’ overlap date. Also, the last day of a month mysteriously is displayed as the zeroth day of the next, unless it’s the last day of the year. Wacky.

So, with that now in hand… What I’m presently posting doesn’t really change at all. It did however help me identify a huge problem in PS that I have to fix before I can start sharing that with the world. I think the results will be good. Last year I took a huge swing away from the direction I originally intended - because, the more I stared at it and reworked it, the damn thing felt far too much like a bad copy of Allen Kitchen’s My Tutor Has Six Tails and its sequel over at coyotes.org. I do have to credit him somewhat; without that series, I don’t think Tarioshi would exist at all. With the lack of iPod at work now to dictate thoughts into during the day, I haven’t been able to touch PS up as completely as I’d hoped in the last couple of weeks. I should be able to get the first few bits up this weekend.

Here’s Echoes of the Past in the meantime. I believe it was just called ‘Chamaeleon’ in the last rendition. I removed the very last section (an old ‘journal entry’ of Jay’s). I’m debating on whether to work it into the next part as exposition, or dropping it and working in the explanations elsewhere. We’ll see what the week brings.

This also means there’s just one more post before we get into completely new territory. I can’t promise it won’t suck, but I will try not to make it industrial shop-vac levels of negative air pressure. Thanks for bearing with me so far.

2 Responses

  1. Tsunari says:

    When was the new stuff written?

  2. Derek says:

    One of the biggest problems I had when I stopped before was that I knew where I wanted to end with this first lengthy episode, but I had no idea how to get there. I’ve been reworking the infinitely reworked outline since just before I started reposting everything. The actual writing of the chapters is just now starting with a complete scrapping of Negotiation. I finally threw the old chapter out just this morning. It’s bleeding-edge new. The pixels will still be wet when it goes up.

    That said, I may give you guys filler next week.

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