Fiction Friday: Containment

Posted by Derek
Oct 29 2009

Once again, the calendar tells me it’s Friday, and you know what that means.

Containment has once more reached the light of day. The only change I made was structural, to split a scene in half and move the second half to the end of the installment. My notes don’t indicate anything else was altered.

As a last minute addition that probably won’t make it onto the RSS version of this post, I’m also putting up Precipitation. (Formerly, ‘Immunity’) It’s about half the size of the other installments, and I’ve finally finished correcting the file corruption in that particular chapter. (I also managed to create a test case out of it and report the bug to StoryMill’s developer.) I dropped an entire scene out of it that I never liked and didn’t move anything along, anyway.

You may also notice a heading has appeared for Paradigm Shift. Soon…

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