FIle Corruption

Posted by Derek
Oct 24 2009

Apparently, when I moved my storymill project file to DropBox for automatic backup, something got trashed in the file. Every place I’d corrected <i> and such into an asterisk for Markdown, half of the HTML is present, along with half the following word with an asterisk in the middle, and then the rest is cut off as well as part of the remaining sentence.

What the hell, indeed:( Who would have thought I’d need a backup for the backup? I thought it was just an entry or two. It seems like far more than that. Here’s a short sample:

"Oh! Well. That's actually quite thoughtful. Toy?" she called out.

"<*hat's up, Bee?<*

"Think Jay's bracelet will be clean?"

"<*he viral code that came aboard was made specifically to target a flaw in your API and use you to shut down everything else. Even if it is somehow infected, it won't matter in a few minutes.<*

"You figured out future immunity?"

"<*parky worked out the security holes it abused while I was gone. She's restarting now to test - here she is. You ready?<*

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