Happy Columbus Day

Posted by Derek
Oct 12 2009

Go discover something!

Personally, I discovered the delayed posting feature in WordPress. Friday’s update will now go up automatically. :D

The flash animation in this theme (the aurora up top is moving) really sucks the life out of my battery. I’m not entirely sure about keeping the theme, especially since I never intended to activate it yet anyway. We’ll see. At the least I suspect I’m changing the font from monospace to a serif variety.

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  1. grand poobah says:

    I have been using the delay function to help with feature posts on my blog. It’s tuff to come up with something for a featured blog when I think I need one, but being able to type them up then stagger their publish date by a week or so I have some decent updates coming.

    Like the new layout. What capcha are you using?

  2. Derek says:

    It’s a wordpress implementation of reCAPTCHA. I was watching a show on PBS and they were interviewing this professor at Carnegie Mellon University who’s like, our age or so, maybe younger. He thought to himself, we’re wasting millions of hours typing in captchas, how can we put this time to good use? So he made a system that generates a normal captcha, then pairs it with a word scanned in from a book that word detection software couldn’t decode. If you type in the known captcha correctly, it assumes you did the unknown one right too and logs it. When enough people log it the same way it saves that to the scanned-in book.

    WP-reCAPTCHA: http://www.blaenkdenum.com/wp-recaptcha/

  3. grand poobah says:

    I read about that guy not too long ago….freekin genius.

  4. grand poobah says:

    What plugin are you using for the avatars? I tried one and it didn’t work for shit.

  5. Derek says:

    Current versions of WordPress support avatars using the free gravatar service. That way, any site you throw your email address at will automatically show the avatar. You just have to go to the Settings > Discussion panel and scroll down to the Avatar section. “Show Avatars” and then pick a default for if the user has none.


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