Fiction Friday: Reconstructive Surgery

Posted by Derek
Oct 02 2009

Reconstructive Surgery has been posted. Again. No plot changes, minor language usage changes. If I can get this damn thing finished in my lifetime (at my rate of travel, it’s not looking good, is it?) I should get a book printed even if it’s just through Lulu or something like that. And find an artist who doesn’t mind being paid in firewood or grunt labor. Maybe I should get my mother a wacom tablet, she used to love to do art, but hasn’t had the time.

Or maybe she deserves a Modbook tablet? Hm.

I’ve had a lot of time to think but not much time to write, as usual. I’ve discovered my iPod’s voice notes feature, and with a set of headphones + mic, I can bounce thoughts off myself while I drive the short stretch to town and back. I used to do this with an old sony minidisc unit, when I was spending 4 hours in the car every weekend. These days, not so much time is spent behind the wheel, and people look at me funny if I’m talking to myself while working. Since I have to work with these people every day I prefer if they have the impression that I’m marginally sane.

So, instead, I usually just listen to podcasts of shows I’ve missed on the weekend (Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, Thomas Jefferson Hour). I’ve been looking for other interesting podcasts, but not entirely sure what to pull down to test drive.

We’ve been getting a new roof set up over the boss’ leaky trailer home. At some point in the past, someone thought it would be a good idea to build on an addition to the place. So, they built it upside-down in the yard (so they could put strand-board sheeting on the bottom), cut a hole in the side of the trailer, and rolled the addition over. By the size of the warp in the trailer (which we discovered halfway through the roof when nothing was turning out square) it appears the alignment on the addition didn’t go well the first attempts so they pushed it together with a tractor to close the gap.

Fun stuff. Rafters are mostly done, as is the sheeting; needs tarpaper and the steel roofing now. Also, we need to build a support header to extend the rafters out from the edge of the addition over an open air space still flanked by the trailer, a little 15 by 30 area that’ll now be a nice outdoor kitchen or something during the summer, and can be enclosed with tarps in the winter if he so chooses.

Eventually, we’ll get around to my roof. But it doesn’t leak, so I might be waiting until spring. Bunch of firewood orders to fill, too. Rained most of today, but ‘harvested’ six of the remaining 21 chickens. Tomorrow I think we’re doing several pruning jobs around town. Busy busy!

(Addendum: If you’ve been really good this week I may get a second repost done today.)

Edit: 1:04 AM CDT saturday morning. Not quite the Friday double feature, but close? Lunar Picnic is present and accounted for. I’ll make a new post just in case an edit doesn’t push down anything on the RSS feed.

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    Also, possible second post? Lunar Picnic maybe? Sweet!

    Awesome job so far, btw.

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