And so it begins… Again

Posted by Derek
Jul 15 2009

It was more of a formatting test than anything, but Blizzard is back on the internet after … cripes, has it been 5 years? Or more?

I’m terrible, and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.

Heres your Cake

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  1. hans44 says:

    Quick Question: Is this a rewrite, or a reposting?

    It seems exactly like your last version, but I thought that the “beacon” was alien-device #2, not #3.

  2. Derek says:

    For the most part this will be a reposting. I’m going over the following parts to verify continuity with my notes, and there’s a few bits here and there that have been very slightly expanded upon (in an attempt to improve descriptions of certain things). All this time in silence hasn’t been a complete waste, I have been able to throw a few minutes here and there into bringing them back. I just wish I could have done this sooner.

    As to the count itself - the flashlight (which isn’t using batteries), the beacon, the watch… The first aid kit doesn’t count since there’s no gadgetry inside that shouldn’t exist. And the backpack that’s bigger on the inside isn’t exactly a ‘device’. The order that Tari’s seen them in would put the beacon at #3, even though #1 and #2 didn’t appear to be anything other than a flashlight and a wristwatch.

  3. Tsunari says:

    It’s back. o.o; now i’m going to have to start checking back here more than once every few months.

  4. Tsunari says:

    Also it seems quite new to me, I don’t remember a version where he stayed in a hotel room.

  5. Derek says:

    Odd, I thought this was the last version I posted…

    I do remember having him sleeping in the woods, and I don’t recall -when- I adjusted that, but I really thought I’d put it up like this before.

    OH WELL! At least it’s a start… If I could just get my page turner widget to work, now.

  6. hans44 says:

    The “most recent” version (although now it will be something like the 2nd most recent) started in the hotel room. The on-ship events progressed differently from the original as well.

  7. Tsunari says:

    Hmmm, ok I do have him in the hotel. Too many versions.. There were lots of other stories implied never poster by you. Threadwalker, Rebirth, and Growing up

  8. hans44 says:

    Growing up WAS posted, at least 3 parts of it (The Vixen, Friendships, and Pop Quiz).

    Also posted were Creationism, the beginnings of Paradigm Shift, and “Lenard”. If you count his OLD site, there was also “We Decided Not to Wait”.

    There was also a one-shot with Serin and ‘Sal that was meant to take place after the latest (incomplete) version of Creationism, but I don’t remember it’s name. (It’s also the ONLY story he’s posted publicly that I don’t have :( )

  9. Derek says:

    Writing on iPod touch over lunch break so pardon the poor posting. If I’m right about the one you don’t have it was Serin and ‘Lyn actually. That does have some retouching to it but the one that was up was here. The dev copy of my old site. It’s going to get WordPress on it shortly so I can tinker with a couple of templates. Most of the links are broken as it is anyway.

  10. Derek says:

    @tsunari threadwalker while a great concept in my head only ever got one chapter written. I’m going to create a sort of sketchbook section so you guys can at least see that. And other random stuff not canon.

  11. hans44 says:

    @Derek: That’s the one! Awesome!

    Now, if you (or anyone) wants a complete copy of everything ever posted here , I can oblige.

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