Lost and Found

Posted by Derek
Jul 12 2009

I was just sorting some of my old, old email, when I came across the archive of the NWA mailing list. It was a writing list from… oh, almost 8 years ago now. Some of you may have read the stories (it was a group effort, some very well written), but the theme was that some cataclysm had struck the Earth and erased from existence all but a few people - who were warped into living forms of their online personas. I was probably 21 when I was working on a story thread in that theme.

Anyway, out of curiosity, I popped the list leader’s name into Google. He’d also been running a food and recipe swapping list, and was an active participant of RecipeZaar.com.


Apparently he passed away in May 2005. I can’t find an obituary anywhere or even a mention of him other than that page (even using his “real” name). Sigh :/

It’s sad, really. Not just his death. We live in the information age. It’s all around us - at the touch of a button, we can find out all sorts of things about current events and the like. Stop and think, though. Of all the information we do get crammed down our gullets every day, how much dribbles off to the side and down the drain, never to be seen again? What’s out there that’s being lost?

We’re not getting better at recording stuff. There’s just more stuff, making it less obvious what stuff is missing.

My iPod touch died last week while I was enjoying a stay at Camp Wilderness in Minnesota. Backlight failed, came back on after a reboot, then failed and wouldn’t come back. In bright light I can see and use the UI, but nothing I’ve done (including forcing recovery mode and letting it rewrite the entire OS image to the unit) has restored the backlight. Apple’s shipping me a box to return it in. In a week or so it should be back in my hands. I wonder if they’d upgrade it to the 32gb model if I pay the price difference.

I’d much prefer an iPhone, but neither Apple nor AT&T believe North Dakota exists. We get no coverage from AT&T and there’s not an Apple Store to be had within our border. /grumble

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  1. Tsunari says:

    Yeah I knew about his death from back then. http://twoolfe.livejournal.com/

    An announcement on his death and all.

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