Posted by Derek
Aug 04 2008

Where the heck has the year gone? I can’t believe it’s really August already.

So, a recap of 2008, so far.

I’m sure there was something novel between January and June, but I can’t think of anything right now. So, we’ll start with June.

As noted in the comments on another post - I should probably be dead. Wrecked my Explorer (hereafter ‘truck’). I was towing a load that was 1) 2000 pounds heavier than my truck, and 2) on a trailer that expected a larger ball hitch than was installed on the truck. It started to fishtail coming down a hill at 30 MPH, and I couldn’t regain control of the vehicle before it spun me around 180 degrees. Front tire caught the shoulder and the truck flipped, not once, but twice.

At the same moment, the ball disengaged from the hitch, and the trailer and its load (a Bobcat Skidsteer) came to a stop at the side of the road. Broke an axle on the trailer. Bobcat escaped without a scratch, still was running.

My truck was totaled. I was spitting out mouthfuls of dirt as it came to a stop with wheels on the ground, and my left shoulder screamed at me when I tried to move the door. Someone who lived nearby heard the racket and told his wife “That didn’t sound good.” They however were not the first on-scene. My dear sweet mother had been in the truck behind me, and had a wonderful show of watching her eldest son attempt to kill himself.


Yet, I walked away, albeit with a type-III separated shoulder (that’s in the “acromioclavicular joint” where the shoulderblade and collarbone link together with ligaments). They said I shouldn’t need surgery, it’d heal on its own, just take it easy. That’s hard to do when you work how I do, but I didn’t need a lot of convincing.

So, it’s now been a few months since the accident. I’ve got generally the full range of motion back. I don’t have the strength in that shoulder that I used to. I’m not certain I ever will, but I’m going to get all that I can out of it. It’ll just take a lot of time.

Had a court date related to the accident here in July. Single car rollover with no damage to any property except my own. What’s the problem? My liability insurance had expired and I hadn’t renewed it because I didn’t know. It was supposed to automatically withdraw from my checking account, but I’d changed banks and hadn’t updated the information. $400. Oof.

August! 10 year high school reunion was held last weekend. I believe the banquet experience was best summarized by a gentleman at the table behind mine: It’s just like lunch in the cafeteria, except there’s girls sitting at our table now. My experience that night sadly lacked the girls. In fact, it lacked anyone else until I got up and moved to a different table entirely, and then other people sat at the table I’d just vacated.

I suppose that’s pretty much my high school cafeteria experiences as I remember them, too.

I did run into a few people I knew, although I didn’t have a chance to chat things up with as many of them as I would have liked. I really felt like I was the only one still single, looking out over the crowd. Which, as it so happens, is exactly the same as it was back in high school. Apparently my life has not changed in ten years.

Overall I would consider the reunion a ‘good’ experience. Not outstanding, not great, but enjoyable.

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  1. I used to know a guy who bought an Imprezza WRX the first year they showed up in the US. After the third alcohol-inspired crash, it was totaled and his license was revoked. Thankfully, I had stopped riding in his car before the first crash, since he liked to hit well over 100 mph on the freeways a bit too often. The fact that he survived all that without any significant injury at all definitely proves that Subaru builds damn good cars.

    Anyways, I can’t see wasting my time with a high school reunion. I wouldn’t even want to meet any of the idiots I remember from way back then. Maybe one or two of the teachers, definitely none of the students or administrative staff.

    Still, good to hear that you’re still alive and stuff, heh.

  2. Steven Janke says:

    Yeah you haven’t driven all of us away. Anyway, what were you doing moving a bobcat around anyways? Remodeling? I agree with Darius, I can’t see myself wasting time at a High School reunion. Except I wouldn’t mind meeting the administrative staff as well as my teachers.

  3. Derek says:

    We were going after a rock. Someone had dumped what appeared to be a hand-chiseled square rock into an area that was getting filled for some kind of future construction. Someone had taken a great deal of time to make that thing flat on 6 sides, and we wanted to rescue it.

    So, since we had a borrowed bobcat in the workyard, and we routinely use it at our house in winter to blow snow, we didn’t think there’d be much problem using it for 20 minutes to load a rock. I’d never pulled the thing behind my car before, though; I should have registered a problem when we loaded it on the trailer and it picked the back wheels up off the ground… But no.

    We never did get the rock before they filled in over it :(

  4. Kody says:

    I’ll be damned, you are still alive.

    I don’t think we even had a high school reunion. Several people called and told me I was suppose to organize it. I told ‘em if they really wanted to know what people were doing they should pick up the phone and call ‘em.

    You gotta move to Fargo man, come get one of these cushy computer jobs…down with the manual labor!

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