Posted by Derek
Nov 27 2007


My Windows PC’s power supply has been slowly failing. It’s been a contest between it and the laptop screen to see which would ‘splode first. I declared the laptop the winner, which of course made the PC jealous.

The guts make this squealing, hissing sound when it’s under high loads. Sitting on the floor, the damn thing got so cold it turned itself off tonight - the voltages dropped too far and the motherboard just turned off. Picked it up on top of the desk, waited 5 minutes, booted right up. Set it back on the floor, it shut down again after a few minutes.

Oh, and the can of pop I just opened flash-slushed. Ever seen that? Under pressure, it’s liquid, but as soon as you let the top open, the freeze point changes and it just instantly crystalizes.

Brrrrr… November is a bad time to work on walls and insulation when you’re a mile south of the 49th Parallel.

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