Posted by Derek
Nov 18 2007


I used to be able to tap the side of the screen (left side, about an inch below where it goes black) and have it come back to normal. Then, it took a couple taps. Then a slap. Then constant pressure on a spot about halfway down and one inch in from the left.

I can’t type while holding the screen just to keep it working :(

At least there’s a DVI port, although that removes the portability. New screen for a 4 year old laptop = $300. New laptop would be nice, but I can’t even afford the screen right now. Bleh.

2 Responses

  1. hans44 says:

    On a side note, nice collection of hard drives.

  2. webfox says:

    Modern art with defunct disks? I’ve certainly got enough bricked drives here…

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