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Posted by Derek
Oct 02 2007

If anyone is actually still here -

I know a couple of you had older versions of EISB and other things saved in different formats - mind tossing me a copy? I’m trying to sort through my mess and figure out which versions of what actually ever saw the light of day.

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  1. typhoon says:

    Heh, I didn’t notice you’re back online till you posted that question in the forum. makes a note to check more often now

  2. hans44 says:

    Sure, I’ve got a copy of everything you published on here. Just send me your e-mail and I’ll forward it all to you.

  3. Tsunari says:

    I come by and check randomly. Ok, I’ve got a couple versions but wouldn’t be better to just assume that all versions saw the light of day? Your skills seem to have improved and it would be somewhat annoying to see a new version of all the stories made. instead of something new made with the characters. Manga is an example of unplanned stuff that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at times and yet can be entertaining. It would also be nice if you did get all the old versions back online ^^

  4. bvf says:

    I have (I hope all) of the storyline as was available here sometime in 2005. Drop me a mail if you’re interested.

  5. Steven Janke says:

    I would like a copy as well, seeing that the archives aren’t working. Just send it via E-mail.

  6. Silvox says:

    I found a good chunk of your archive while sorting through the haphazard conglomerate that is my hard-drive. If you want them, just drop me a line.

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