New layout

Posted by Derek
Oct 01 2007

I’m trying to accomplish a few things.

  1. Get my mind back into a state where I can actually get code writing done. I’m terribly rusty in everything right now.
  2. Create or find a layout that doesn’t make people’s eyes spontaneously begin to bleed and that I can edit somewhat for my own needs. This template seems okay, visually; I prefer darker things, but the last one was a little too dark. This one’s really bright, IMO, but I liked the layout. It’s also blue. Editing the header graphic to toss in a shot of me on the lake wasn’t too bad to do either. P.S. I don’t have all that fuzz anymore.
  3. Movable type exploded on me and nuked half my mini-templates from its database. Little things I was effectively #including into pages. I didn’t notice this until I clicked “publish” on the blog section. I was looking for a reason to trash it, and it provided. WordPress has been installed in its place; WordPress “Pages” (in contrast with “pages“) allow me to still use it for content management (read: my stories) without having to hack out a bunch of things to get basic navigation and sorting the index. The WP-Pages don’t innately support “Previous” and “Next” linkage like blog entries do; I put together a plugin in about half an hour that adds the functionality. Alternatively, I could just list all the chapters someplace (what it wants to do by default). Maybe the sidebar, that I took off those pages… Still trying to tweak the template to stretch it and fill in where the sidebar once was. Have to edit images and css.

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