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Sep 17 2007

Some time ago, someone noted that it seemed like Jadyn’s story was without direction, like each chapter was just tacked onto the last haphazardly. As I’m looking over it, finding the forward momentum lacking a direction to travel, I have to agree. I started this whole mess nearly twelve years ago, working on improving my skills as a writer and trying to give this gaggle of characters in my head a voice. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded in the former; as to the latter, I think they’ve been choking on aspartame fumes. Poor guys.

Someone pointed me at the “Snowflake Method.” It’s helped give me an idea of just how broken this storyline has been. I’m sure it’s salvageable; I’m just not certain as to how as of yet. I’ve appreciated all the feedback over the years. I’m not shutting the doors on bluevulpine.net anytime soon. I do however need to step back and determine what’s going to have to change in order to make this story viable once again. To start with, I think I need to re-examine how Jay’s voice got into my head in the first place.

I started down the path of writing his story back in high school - if I’m not mistaken, it was in ninth or tenth grade. 1995 or 1996, or thereabouts. It all started from my experiences on a text-based gathering system - FurryMUCK. “Oh god, he’s one of those people!” Yeah. I was fifteen. Cut me some slack. I was trying to escape the mess that was my life; one parent not around and the other in county lockup. Any distraction was my goal. I don’t know how I found these folks, but it was just what I was looking for.

The character that would later become Jadyn was first known as “Bluefur.” After meeting various folks I found a great many of them had created backstories to their textual avatars. Some were simple; others had a great deal of thinking behind them. Some even had art. Hmm… A fifteen year old male surrounded by pictures of furry boobs. I was hooked.

I found myself engrossed in the stories that folks had written, reading all sorts of things from the innocent to the saucy. The Furry-lit mailing list subscription was a no-brainer; I even tried my hand at contributing a few of my early writings for review. As time went on I spent less and less time on the MUCK, more and more reading and searching for more things to read. I didn’t understand what plagarization was; a lot of my initial ideas wound up being my character (and by extension, me) being placed in the situations of other people’s characters, and seeing how he (I) would deal with the same situation.

I was also a fan of the Highlander TV series, and I had this weird thing going on about death. I was perpetually scared of not waking up. Making Jay an immortal was my way of protecting him from the things I myself was afraid of. His parents died when he was reaching adulthood; mine were separated. He had a little sister (who, while I’ve never gotten to reveal this in the context of the story, was intended to be an adopted sibling); I have a younger brother, who is actually my brother. He was good at a lot of things, athletics, music, martial arts; I was an overweight nerd, and although I do play the cello, I never spent enough time practicing. I’ve always had a fascination with martial arts, but for some reason I never actually got into any classes to learn. Wonder if it’s too late now…

I really wish I’d kept copies of all my earliest writings. But, composing it on a computer, it was prone to hard disk failure and I’ve had a LOT of disks fail. I didn’t like writing on paper because my handwriting is terrible.

On that note, I just went hunting for whatever I could spot. I found all my old muck logs, tucked away on a rescued disk image buried in the bowels of my raid5 array. Scary stuff. The last archive of all the “stuff” belonging to my avatar before it was wiped off the system for inactivity… Lot of chat logs… There’s bits I can’t repost anywhere (remember, I was fifteen, a nerd, with raging hormones… and it was the early stages of the internet! What’s ‘age verification’? …TMI?) although I do what’s happened to some of the folks I used to chat with.

Ha! I can still read MPI code. I’m such a geek. Random noises in a “forest” area: ‘A squirrel bounds by, looking for peanuts.’ And now I remember where I got the stepdisk idea from. Hmm… Someone was leading a writer’s workshop for a while. And there’s a snippet from something I wrote… Several things, written on a TI-92! My first portable keyboard. Wonder where its old files got put, there could be GOLD there.

Anyway. I’ve lost my train of thought, and it’s 4 AM.

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