The Perils of PPPoE

Posted by Derek
Nov 14 2006

In the last week the phone and DSL was shut off because someone lost the bill in a pile of junk mail. No problem. Called up and paid over the phone (using a neighbor’s phone, of course), phone’s back on in 10 minutes.

Now, there’s a peculiarity with the PPPoE here. Presuming you never disconnect it, it will never bounce you. This also has the side effect of when the DSL was “shut off” all they did was disable the login/password. They didn’t bounce the existing connection. So, I remained online and oblivious to the fact that they’d not restored my account settings properly.

  1. Login/pass didn’t work. I was promised a callback, but instead they simply re-enabled it and left me to discover this on my own.

However, after this, they caused a new problem:

  1. I was no longer getting a static (“persistent”) address. I was told it would be fixed by noon the next day. Noon rolled around, no fix. Called back and played phonetree tag for four hours, eventually got to someone that was apparently in the NOC (Network Ops Center). He called over to someone else and called me back, made sure I could log in and was getting the right IP.

  2. During this I discovered I had no inbound connectivity. I could connect out and browse the web and whatnot but any incoming connections for torrents (WoW Downloader) and the webserver here were being blocked. So, he proceeded to disable the firewall on the PPP connection…

  3. Which promptly broke my “persistent” address again. He had to call over to the other person again, but she was no longer at her desk. He promised yet another callback, which he never came through on. However, the connection appears to be working as it should now - no ISP-side firewalling, and a persistent address.

Almost reminds me of fighting with Register.com so long ago. Although, it took them a month to fix something I can do in 32.6 seconds on godaddy’s web forms.

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