November 10, 2006

Posted by Derek
Nov 10 2006

Okay, so I’m a little off on my goal of once a week.

A good friend’s younger brother passed away yesterday morning. I’d met Kc a couple of times, he was a good kid. Hell of a cook behind a grill.

The lake’s completely frozen over now. Ice is averaging between 2-3” thick. We chip open a hole every morning and evening near shore for water to use for necessities (do I need to name them?) since there’s no rural water system up here. Drinking water we get at the store here, reverse osmosis stuff. I’m pondering the wisdom of a well in the coming years. It’d be nice not to have to haul in 5-gallon pails every day. There’s a 65 gallon tank outside that we need to put indoors but there’s a big crack in the top half right now needing repair.

Present temperature outside: 14F. Inside when we got home, 37F. In about an hour when the woodstove is smoking hot it’ll be 70F on the porch, 110F in the rafters on the porch, and 45F in my bedroom. Need to install ductwork…

Repaired the wood splitter at work in the last week. Fired it up today to do a 2-cord* load of wood and had the conveyor chain immediately break. Whee. Guess we’ll finish tomorrow.

I thought I had something else meaningful to note here, but apparently I don’t. Oh, changed the forum software.

*CORD, noun. A unit of volume used chiefly for fuel wood, now generally equal to 128 cu. ft. (3.6 cu. m), usually specified as 8 ft. long, 4 ft. wide, and 4 ft. high (2.4 m × 1.2 m × 1.2 m).