Change is Constant

Posted by Derek
Sep 01 2005

You’re all going to hate me.

I promise, it’ll be the very last time.

Really. I do. If I have to move all this crap again, I’ll just give up.

I’m finally upset enough with the piece of junk that renders the stories to do something about it. And no, I’m not rewriting it. I wrote it in the first place, and it scares the hell out of me.

Instead of another hack job, everything is going into Movable Type. The only hacking required has been tweaking templates to make things sort the way I want them. This I like.

This allows for a few things. First, I felt limited to a specific book-and-chapter style before, making no room to have a standalone work sitting between the larger goings-on. I also felt limited to doing things in chronological order. While that itself makes sense for some things, others are more difficult.

The new URL will be http://bluevulpine.net/chronicles/ once I finish moving everything. I’ll update the link on the right side there once I’m done. Currently, there’s only one character description up (T’bia wanted space to talk about herself) and a couple of chapters. Entries will be sorted by date - specifically, the Val’Traxan date. I’ll get Terran references attached to them once I finish moving the content over.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.