Template Shenanigans

Posted by Derek
Aug 19 2005

Screwing around with Movable Type. My first attempt to get it running landed in an utter failure. Installation went fine, and it was running under CGI mode, but it was painfully slow. So, after looking at the directions found on Google, I went ahead and attempted to configure it as a mod_perl handler.

Calling any of said handlers promptly segv’d the apache child. Blah.

So, I backed up, and tried using Apache::Registry instead. And after four hours of “ExecCGI is not enabled” errors in the log, I discovered that the real path to the files was not the same path Apache was looking at. Goddamn you, symlinks. But working with the symlinks did nothing either.

Now, I’ve installed the 3.2 beta (I was fighting with 3.17) and while it is running under CGI mode, it seems zippy. For now, I’ve shelved the idea of getting it to tango with mod_perl, and have fought with getting all the little subtemplates to look like how I want the site to look like. Slowly getting there.